The Electrons
Burnley - 1963 - 1965



David "Wiggy" Wood bass
Roger Greenwood  
Brian Howe  
Jack Howarth drums

The band that I remember as The Electrons from the Burnley area in the mid sixties and comprised of David "Wiggy" Wood, Roger Greenwood, Brian Howe and Jack Howarth on drums.

Played a lot of church hall Saturday night dances as I remember

Keith Holden

Went to school with Roger & Brian (Burnley Grammar School).  Saw the band on a church gig. They were really good even back in those days.

Keith Fawcett

The group lasted from 1963 to 1965 before splitting up to pursue various careers.

The photo is from the last "gig" at Bank Hall Miners' Club, Burnley.  We've had a few recent "reunions" at Ighten Leigh, Burnley (2006 and 2008) and at Barca, Manchester in 2007.

Dave Wood





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