The Estelles
later Col Kennedy and The Presidents

Colin Reeves vocals
Dave Richards lead (super fender strat - eem)
Barry Pollit bass (jazz bass)
Duncan Cameron rhythm
Dave Harrop drums (Trixon kit with the oval base drum in lime green )

Dave unfortunatly has passed on to that r&r club in the sky but he left us a great legacy by writing a book named The 60s Remembered recalling clubs and bands from the 60s.

I have a copy but I have misplaced it.

I still do the clubs with a varied act but with tons of the old rock &roll majoring.

Colin Reeves

I am Colin Reeves who was lead vocalist with the Estelles,  and I recently had the good fortune to meet my old buddy and ex drummer Dave Harrop ,together with our respective wives we have had a few nights out and Dave and his wife has been to a few of my gigs ,we have thought about forming a band with a leaning toward the Shadows and Cliff, as our orientation with The Estelles was that way inclined.

So if there is any old guitarist out there who wants to have a go get in touch O161-432 4180 i have 4 agencies who I work for and if we can become half decent I am sure they would give us work.i hope there are still some good old rockers out there so give me a bell.


Colin Reeves

Just recalled a gig at the Mirlees Social Club, Hazel Grove. I was lead vocals with The Estelles, on the same bill was The Hollies. 

The reason I am recalling this gig is to verify what real genlemen The Hollies were, especially Graham.  Pprior to us doing our set, The Hollies had already set up their eqipment, which was all brand new, provided by there record company,as they had already recorded their first disc.

Graham came to me in the dressing room and invited us to use their eqipment, everything included except the drums. I accepted the offer and when we performed it improved our performance 100 per cent, as our p/a consisted of the ever popular reslo mikes and a 100watt amp.

I could not believe the system  - they had made my job so much easier. After we had finished we were packing our gear up (by the way gear has a different connotation these days, ,back to the story)

In the dressing room The Hollies were taking their strings off their guitars and replacing the strings with actual cotton strings.  When I asked why, Graham replied that they were going to London to do some filming either for t/o/t/pops or a film, I can't quite remember.

Another time they borrowed our van to go to London,and the van broke down but needless to say they returned it to us in running order - showing once more what true gents they were and still are.

If anyone wants to recall a few more stories about the 60s, Rick the lead guitarist with The Estelles, had a book published called The 60s remembered.  Unfortunately Rick has passed away RIP but the book makes him live on with all his recollections of the r/r scene in the 60s.

yours truly

Colin Reeves.

PS I am still gigging and keep getting encores so while I can do it i will keep on ROCKIN

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Topic: The Estelles
Robert Parkes says...
Great to read this!!...As a kid I spent hours and hours with Rick playing on his blue strat at his house in Heaton Norris.....His brother and his Dad were great to me, and never bothered me when nicking off school to spend the day with them !!!...I ... Read More
23rd September 2016 5:39pm


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