The Exits

Managed by Clive Kinder, The Exits were an excellent five-piece soul band from Moss Side, showing all the signs of "making it" until three members of the band were badly injured in a road crash.

A great show and a good sound. Fond memories of their shows at The Pop Inn and St. Francis's, Wythenshawe.

Members later became THE EXPECTATIONS 

The Exits were a really great soul band I used to watch regularly at the youth clubs of south Manchester in the 60s. I booked them more than once for St Anthonys Youth Club, Woodhouse Park, Manchester.


18 Oct 1968


There was a great set of groups at the time Phoenix City Smash Band , Rumble Fat Band etc and for a couple of bob kids from 14-18 could get live soul  music from 8 til 10.30 2/3 time a week if you wanted. There were real followings for each group and being black lads The Exits were always seen as very authentic soul sound even tho they didn't have the big brass sound of the Phoenix City (move over Commitments!!).

We were all devestated when we heard about the crash - they were good looking lads and with TV exposure could probably have gone far  - - great memories!! The youth clubs sound 'naff' by todays standards  - 'stages' were often boards on school benches that we put up and took down each night - but were great venues run my members with just a couple of Adults.

Terry Dowling was the great youh club figure in South Wythenshawe running the Fianna Phadriag Pipe Band and the youth club at 'St Ants', with drama groups and football teams. No alcohol - the odd keek trying to sell pills  - but great places for kids  to go and be safe an yet have a great time with great groups LIVE!!!!! We were right there with them blasting your ears and even on the 'stage' with them sometimes. When 'midnight hour' or RESPECT kicked the place errupted! 

That was 'Big Society' and we could do with it back but there are precious few Terry Dowlings providing a safe venue for youngsters for over 20 years and never taking a penny for himself! So long as we covered our cost all was well. I think we typically paid about £50 for the groups!

Terry was always behind the scenes but without him and poeple like him that great soul scene in manchester just couldn't have flourished! As soon as were old enough - and even before -we 'graduated from St Ants and Cheadle Hulme Club to Twsited wheel and Sounds, Rowntrees and Blue Note  so tho the big clubs had the reputation but they sure had help from the 'minnows'!!

Bill Hennessy

Hi, I used to know the Exits, infact my friend was going out with Manny (RIP), the lead singer. His brother Junior played the organ, John was the drummer and I can´t remember the name of the guitarist, A small guy. All of them went Ducy High. They were a great group. Very sadly Manny passed away at 18 years old in a car crash. Willard and  another guy called Leroy  who used to dance with them,  fortunately survived the crash. They were coming home from a gig. I remember we were at the Top Ten Club at Belle Vue, on a Sunday evening. we were told about Manny dying (tragic Loss). The funeral was at the Albert Hall if I remember rightly. Very bright, decent guys with a lot of talent. They were just kids and sooo talented.

Susan Osman

I recall the had a yellow transit van ,as we did ,and had a telephone on the dashboard, the old dail type. Didn't work of course. Just a pose...fantastic!!!!

Dave Buck
Grysby Dyke

They played regularly at Bolton Palais on their special ‘teen nights’ .. no alcohol served! They were fantastic and had a huge following in Bolton. The Palais was packed when word was out that The Exits were playing.

Steven Yates

I watched the Exits at the TABERNACLE club Stockport.  They were a great soul covers band.  The guitarist was a guy called ( I believe WILF) he was a similar age to me and he said he lived in Moss Side.  I went to a party at his house but unfortunately I cannot remember much about it (It. was more a series of house parties in the same road) I met him many years later in Piccadilly gardens with his son ( by that time I would be about 30 and awaiting the birth of my first child) WILF,s son was about 12/13 I would guess. 

One of the lads I knocked around with then was called Stewart Robinson who followed the band around, what is now greater Manchester and he told me of the death of the lead singer. Which was a great shock as I said we were all of a similar age.

Phil (Bomber) Lancaster

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Phil. H
Saw the Exits several times at St Frances youth club in Wythenshawe, late 60's. Also saw them at school (Newall Green) 5th/6th form end of term bash. Sad about their demise
9th September 2016 1:10am
steve connolly
Hi just reading the comments on the exits, there was a band in the sixties from the usa i have always assumed, they had a hit on the northern scene called, you got to have money, its on the gemini label, its not the same group is it?
22nd August 2015 3:14am
Bob Etel
Sorry Steve, no it wasn't this band. Cant think who you mean?
7th January 2016 9:22pm
I've lost the signed promo photo I had of the Exits. I'd love to see the photo again - any chance you could show it?
7th July 2014 8:19am
Bob Etel
Sue if ever you find that photo I'd love to see it as I have no photo's of the Exits, only great memories.
Bob (Road manager)
7th January 2016 9:24pm
I knew the Exits, my friend went out with Manny the lead singer and I went out with their road manager. They were a fantastic group, we saw them regularly at Bolton Palais. The fatal car accident happened just prior to them signing a record deal in Carlisle, we were devastated. We attended Manny's funeral and it rained. Such a shame, they would have made it big time :(
7th July 2014 8:07am
I also went out with Manny and I think there was quite a lot of his girlfriends at his funeral, me included. Great loss and the Exits were a great band.
2nd August 2015 2:54am
Bob Etel
Suz, My names Bob ( Road manager with The Exits) do I know you?
Do you have any photo's or other info re the band?
I would be very interested.
7th January 2016 9:35pm
Sorry Bob I don't have photo's of the exits. You don't know me, I only knew him through a Chinese girl from my school. We went to the High School of Art, I think Manny was doing the rounds and I was one of them.... He broke my heart ha ha, the lovable rogue
8th January 2016 5:33am
Bob Etel
Hi Suz, that chinese girl wasn't Carol Chung was it?
8th January 2016 6:13pm
Hi Bob, yes it was Carol Cheung
9th January 2016 3:40am
Bob Etel
Hi Suz, Its a small world eh? Are you still in touch with Carol? Carol had a Friend called Christine Varley who's mother had a News Agents on Lloyd St. nr. Moss Side. Christine had a friend called Christina Margaret Mahony who I was friendly with, this is also a person I'm trying to trace, I believe she married and move to Ireland ?
Hope you don't mind me asking all these questions? Please say if you do as I don't want to pester anyone.
10th January 2016 1:54am
Hi Bob, sorry I never kept in touch with Carol and never saw her after I left school. I didn't know any of her friends out of school and she was a year above me. No problem you asking questions, I loved the Exits especially Manny. Did they ever record a tape? Would be good if it was released on a cd for all their followers
10th January 2016 6:49am
Bob Etel
Hi Suz, There is or was a tape done in a studio that may be still in existence, when and if I manage to trace some people iand it comes to light i'll let you know.
21st January 2016 1:55am
Bob Etel
Sue, Manny was my best friend and I owe him so much, I think of him a lot. Unfortunately I don't recall going out with you??? I do remember Bolton Palais with great fondness. If it wasn't me you went out with who was it??
It would be good to chat anyway?
7th January 2016 9:32pm
Bob, it was Hedley Wilkinson (little Junior) that I went out with. He always told me he was the road manager, lol. I actually remember you now.
8th January 2016 4:15am
Bob Etel
I've also tried to find a girl called Carol Aspey (forgive me if the surname is spelt invcorrectly) She had a friend called Sue????
8th January 2016 1:14am
Bob, I am the 'Sue' you mention, lol. Carol Aspey was my best friend, she went out with Manny. I have been trying to find her for years without success.
8th January 2016 4:13am
Bob Etel
Ahh so you were the slim girl? was Denise Manders in your group of three? what happened to her, I think she had a baby? What else do you remember? Are you still in Bolton area? i'm in Cheadle and my girlfriend comes from Green lane in Bolton.
8th January 2016 6:19pm
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