Neil Bromley vocals
Ian Fenn piano
Wolfenden lead guitar
Allen rhythm guitar

I am the standing up piano player in the photo. The lead guitarist on the right was Dave Wolfenden we were both apprentices at Stone Wallworks  engineering Oldham. Unfortunately the factory dissapeared many years ago and on the site now is a Tesco Super store.

The rhythm guitarist was called Allen, can't remember his surname. I actually have a copy of the same photo - I think at the time we were playing at a wedding function.

The singer Neil Bromley later worked as a guitar vocalist under the name "Lucky Star". 

I hope this is of some interest. If you have a mail address I will send you info'/ photos of other groups/musicians I worked with not yet  mentioned on your site. eg. "The Tame River Boys"  from Ashton "The Elegants" from Oldham.

p.s. I' still Rockin www.crestafenn.co.uk  or Youtube Ian Fenn and The Starcats at The Octagon  Kiethley    

Ian Fenn





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