Four Hits and a Miss


Enjoyed an evening at the "Axe" pub in Chester c1962, with this group playing.

Very good as I recall and I thought their name was very clever.

Wonder what became of them?




Suspect this may not be the Chester group as no names match known loine-up

David Jones lead guitar
Geoff Dawson rhythm guitar
Owen Roberts bass
George Roberts drums
Jeannie (Rita Hughes) lead vocals
Terry Lynch drums (replaced Roberts)

Four Hits and a Miss formed in September 1962 in Chester with a line-up of David Jones on lead guitar, Geoff Dawson on rhythm guitar (b. Geoffrey Dawson), Owen Roberts on bass, George Roberts on drums and 16 year-old Jeannie on lead vocals (b. Rita Hughes, 1946, Chester, Cheshire, UK d. 1989).

Jeannie was the daughter of a Chester pub owner, who fronted the group Four Hits and a Miss as lead singer for a year or so.

This group grew out of The Pacemakers, who changed their name in September 1962 to Four Hits and A Miss.

Roberts was later replaced by drummer Terry Lynch (b. Terence Lynch).

This band became the hottest in Chester and in 1963 were signed to Pye Records, when Jeannie was 17, changing their name again to Jeannie and the Big Guys in the process. Jones was replaced by lead guitarist Peter Johnson and they added organist Phil Blackman

John H. Warburg

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Topic: Four Hits and a Miss
John W. Warburg says...
Just added info for the the group.
16th June 2014 7:59pm
sharon wallace says...
Pic above is not chester group four hits and a miss. M y dad was Geoff Dawson n none of those in pic were any in the Chester group.

Have pic if you require one
6th December 2015 4:32am
jose luis martinez says...
the band in the pic came from Southampton and started in 1962.
follow and click on 'Site map' and then 'Call up the groups 8'
11th June 2017 5:00pm

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