Fritz, Mike and Mo

Fritz Fryer Guitar
Maureen Edwards Vocals
Mike Deigham Guitar

Fritz fryer left the Four Pennies in April 1965 to spend the year with Fritz, Mike and Mo.

He rejoined the Four Pennies in 1966.

Maureen now lives in Wrexham, N.Wales.


Maureen Edwards lives in Wrexham and has 5 grandchildren and 1 daughter. She is now 81 and has a lab called Meg.

I would know this because I am her grandaughter. Her daughter is called Joanne Hamlington.

Elin Hamlington

Somebody Stole The Sun / Let Me Hear Your Voice Philips BF 1427 1965
What Colour Is A Man / So Now You've Gone Philips BF 1441 1965

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