The Go-Go
Jack Stott BSc. vocals/harmonica
Rob (Ace) Walker lead guitar/vocals
Tony Gardner bass
Jimmy Litherland rhythm/vocals
Roland (Roly) Charnock drums

Formed originally as Schmoe’s Corps, the band became “The Go-Go” around 1965.

Based in Chadderton, we played all the major northern venues and the university circuit. Our most notable venue was The Oasis Club.

We were managed by Chris Wright of Kennedy St. Artists, who went on to become Chrylsalis.

Other bands in this stable included Ten Years After. So we were very close to making it.

We auditioned for a German tour at Manchester University Union and we were offered the gigs, but we couldn’t agree on the commitment and eventually went our own way.


Band members as pictured above are from left to right:

Rob (Ace) Walker (Lead guitar/vocals): An outstanding, naturally gifted guitarist. He could play it all including Hendrix/Winwood/Marvin. A complicated chord progression was easy for him to analyse. Went on to become a classical guitarist, emulating the likes of Segovia.

Roland (Roly) Charnock (Drummer): Formerly with the The Missing Links. A good lad now sadly passed on, did an awesome Charlie Chaplin impression.

Jack Stott BSc.
(Singer and harmonica): Band leader. A very clever man and a whizz with electronics. Went on to gain a degree from Salford University. Great singer, could work out all the harmonies. He could also mend the van and fix the gear. Indispensable.

Tony Gardner
(Bass): Joined the bad after leaving The Missing Links.

Jimmy Litherland
(Rhythm guitar/vocals) Last to join the band after fronting his own group. A prodigious talent, he gave us an extra dimension as he could play lead and sing, whilst Jack was “on the gob-iron”. He went on to become a professional and moved to London to join The Coliseum. He has since been a backing muso for Leo Sayer and has had a full career in the music industry. Check out his site at:

Tony Valente
(Roadie) Not on the photo. Every bit a member of the band. He was from Middleton and worked for Merv’s Bardots. We nicked him off them. Good move.

"Tony Valente - Roadie extraordinaire.
You'd want him in the trench with you"

Tony Gardner

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Comments (10)

Topic: The Go-Go
Paul webmaster says...
Great new group The Go Go - thanks to Tony Gardner
26th October 2015 10:53pm
Diane Rooney says...
I remember Roly as easy-going, with a ready grin and a happy-go-lucky demeanour. You couldn't help but like him. He was always tapping out rhythm on his knees and making imitation drum roll and top-hat cymbal noises. He was a one-off!
27th October 2015 8:12pm
James Litherland says...
I remember Roly very fondly. Excellent drummer and a good laugh. We did a lot of gigs together.
Very sad to here off his passing.
28th October 2015 11:24pm
Jack Stott says...
Tony Gardener:-RockSteady bassist and vocals.played a white Fender Precision like that of Jet Harris
Roly Charnock -Solid drummer and wicked wit - passed away far too young
4th November 2015 6:37am
mick ward says...
brilliant band, I saw them at the lions den,alexandra park, Oldham carnival, 1965
they sang (going to a gogo) good memories also learned a lot, mick pt
5th November 2015 8:25am
Tony Gardner says...
On behalf of myself and the boys, thanks for the comment Mick.
I'd forgotten all about that gig - you've got me thinking now!
5th November 2015 7:12pm
Rob Walker says...
Roly Charnock:-Roly and I Met about age 14 When we attended the same school I had formed a group called the Fenders,but we needed a good drummer.I asked Roly to get a drum kit and learn to play and he did very quickly We remained good friends for ... Read More
6th November 2015 9:01am
Jack Stott says...
Tony Valente Go-Go Road Manager, Nicked from Merv's Bardots ex-Grenadier guard( I think) Big, Strong & Hard saved our bacon in many post- gig scuffles - thanks Tony
6th November 2015 9:20am
Trevor Carter (Manchester) says...
Roly... I liked you mate and you're sense of humour. Was sad for a long time when I heard the awful news. Sad again now remembering happier times in the Links 1960's
15th December 2017 4:16am
Trevor Carter (Manchester) says...
Jack I remember u singing brill rendition of dancing in the street 1964ish with Rob on lead in the Human Jungle near Oldham market
16th December 2017 4:13am


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