The Graduates
Johnny and The Graduates
Johnny Dean vocals
Jim Levins lead
David MacRonald bass
Colin Horsefall rhythmn
Alan Jones drums


During 1961/63 I worked with Jim Levins who was bass guitar for the group The Graduates. I saw him perform at Hill Stores ballroom in Oldham on a few occasions during the early sixties.

Anyone else remember ??

Neil Collinge

I remember Jim from the days he used to play with the Graduates at Townfield Youth Club in Oldham. In those days Inm sure he played lead guitar. He was a pretty good player.

Johnny Dean was the singer and if I remember correctly his daytime name was Rattigan and the last time I saw him he worked for the gas board.

Austin Hardman

I remember Johnny Dean and The Graduates playing pretty regularly at both St James on Barry St and at St Margaret's at Hollinwood in 1963 -64  - some great Shadows style instrumentals!

Gordon Ripley

I remember Jim, as well as well as being in the Graduates he worked with his dad at either Auto bodies or Motor bodies in Oldham (sraightened my Mini Cooper on several occasions after I had bent it !).  Also memories of rallying with Highmoor motor club. About this time I was playing drums in the Blakjacks / Spinning tops, with Austin etc.
Great days !!

Bob Moorhouse

I remember Johnny and the Graduates - used to play at St. Marks, Glodwick - a very popular venue of the mid sixties. Our group, the Faction, played there a couple of times.

I didn't know Jim Levins at the time but got to know his dad, Derek in the late '60's.He owned Auto Bodies in Magdala St.Oldham off Rochdale Road and was a highly skilled motor body builder and a lovely guy. I was also a member of High Moor Motor Club in the early '70's and used to do a little navigating in the days when George Hill and Keith Wood partnered each other through the the Motoring News championships. Happy days

John M.Lees

Heard the other day from a friend of mine that Johnny Dean is alive and well and living in Sydney Australia.   

Dave Smith

I remember Johnny Dean and the Graduates, played regular gigs around Oldham ,Roundthorn Youth Club, St. Marks Glodwick ,Townfield Youth Club. I think they also played The Savoy on occasions. They used to wear scarlet red suits I think, and winklepicker shoes.circa 1961. I'm sure there were four of them, don't know the other names.


I was a fan of Johnny Dean and the Graduates back in the early sixties and followed them whenever I could.  There were five in the line-up in total:  Johnny Dean (lead vocals), James Levins (or Prof, on lead guitar), David MacRonald (Mac) and Colin Horsefall (bass and rhythm guitar - but I can't remember who played which) and then Alan Jones on drums.

My friends and I followed them all round Oldham, wherever they were playing.  Mostly at St. James' on Barry Street, but also at St. Margaret's Hollinwood and St. Mark's and then at St. Michael's in Abbeyhills on Sundays.

Pat McKissack

Hi to all the Johnny Dean fans.  I'm afraid I have sad news.  I attended John's funeral today.  He passed away last week of Oesophageal cancer.  He was a true gent and the loveliest man until the end.  RIP John.


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