Harmony Street
1971 - 1974

Bernei Southern guitar
Frank Smith guitar
Bill Boardman drums
Ian Moncur bass

I left The Magic Lanterns in 1969 and a year later, helped form  HARMONY STREET, with three lads from my area.

Two great guitarists -  Bernie Southern now with the Bootles,  Frank Smith believed to be working on the Spanish Club circuit under the name of Frank White, great drummer Bill Boardman, like myself, retired.

We certainly did all the venues in the North West and beyond. 

The 'Townsman' in Swansea where we met Bonnie Tyler, playing in a local band at the time , the farm at Spennymoor while working in the North East, are some of the good memories.

I understand they backed The Two Girls 'The Caravelles' {You don't have to be a baby to cry}
after I left the group.

The last venue I did with them was the 'Tall Trees' club in Newquay.

Hope this incites other band members to add to it.

Ian Moncur


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