Herman's Hermits performing at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City
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Opened in 1898, the Steel Pier billed itself as "The Showplace of the Nation." Built mainly of steel pilings with a wooden top, it jutted a quarter-mile out to sea, and offered movies, clowns, acrobats, dancing bears, boxing kangaroos and high-divers, in addition to bands, singers and Vaudeville acts.

It hosted performances from big band leaders such as Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey, and movie stars such as Bob Hope and Charlie Chaplin. Abbott & Costello honed their "Who's On First?" routine there. Fred Astaire, Mae West, Ricky Nelson and The Three Stooges all packed 'em in at the pier.

The pier burned in a 1982 fire.

If you looka t the posters, they include the Diving Horses (a very famous US act), Poncie Ponce (actor in "Hawaiian Eye") and the Four Seasons.




Outside the venue

I guess I was 11 , my first concert , not sure which show , but I had my arms on the stage . We did the show at the end of the pier , diving horse , but divers and clowns better , also glass blower , did not do diving bell . Boardwalk also had Mr peanut ( planters ) and my favorite salt water taffy . We stopped going to AC and started going to wild wood .

Ken Close

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Topic: Hermits Hermits in the USA
Rochelle Rabin says...
Isn't the internet amazing? Where did you get the photos of Herman's Hermits at Steel Pier? That is a day that I never thought I'd see again except in my mind's eye. I am one of the young girls (age 11 at the time)you see stuffed ... Read More
18th March 2014 8:29pm
Rochelle Rabin says...
I just wanted to tell you how excited my cousins were to see the pictures that you posted. My cousin Eileen in California, who I haven't even seen since we were teenagers, told me that this was a very memorable concert for her, too. And she also ... Read More
18th March 2014 8:32pm
S McAteer says...
Does anyone know the lineup of groups for the British Rock Invasion at the Steel Pier at which the last group to perform was Herman's Hermits? I was there too with my older sister.
6th May 2014 9:57pm
MEByrne says...
I do believe it was the Animals.
15th August 2014 12:57pm

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