The Hurt
1967/68 Burnley/Accrington

The Hurt group, supported Haydocks Rockhouse at Majestic Ballroom Accrington and appeared on Granada TV in 68.

Played around Lancashire at venues including Tower Ballroom, Blackpool, Nelson Imperial Ballroom, Haslingden Public Hall, Star and Garter Leeds, etc etc.

Formed by drummer Terry Bannister (formerly Swinging Hangmen) and Ted Baxendale lead guitar (formerly Webb).

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Topic: The Hurt
Paul webmaster says...
Just added THE HURT from Burnley/Accrington area.
28th September 2014 3:06pm
Keith Fawcett says...
Hi everybody,I played in The Hurt for a year and a half till the band broke up shortly after appearing on Granada Looks North in 1968.If anyone has any piccies of the band please post them.Thanks, Keith!!!
22nd December 2014 9:10pm
John says...
Hey Keith,
I was with you for that New Faces TV gig on bass ! I see you have asked for pics...only got one (somewhere!)
If you're still around...let me know
23rd March 2017 7:19pm
Keith Fawcett says...
Hi John,(White??)nice to hear from you after all these years. If my email adresse comes through to you OK send me a mail with your landline No and i'll give you a ring. If you haven't got a landline send me your email adresse and i'll ... Read More
24th March 2017 4:47am
Keith Fawcett (Volvic France) says...
John,can't find you anywhere!!! Are you on Facebook?? Where are you living now and what are you doing these days?? Please reply to Manchesterbeat!! Keith.
30th November 2017 8:05am

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