Courtesy John Titley

John Titley bass
Graham Moores lead
Roy Pickford drums
Ron Williams rhythm
Howard Torson guitar (replaced Ron)
Derek Foley guitar (replaced Howard)
Dave Buckle. drums (replaced Roy)

Graham Moores came from The Admirals - Stockport group 1963-66, four members.

Roy Pickford & John Titley came from the Spots - Stockport group 1964-66.

Ron Williams joined The Impact from The Starlites who were the resident group at The Starlite Rooms in Rusholme.

Group changed its name to Grisby Dyke in Nov 1968.

In Aug 1969, Graham Moores and John Titley left Grisby Dyke and reformed the Impact with Mick Gilbourne on drums.



Impact after reforming in 1969



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Topic: Impact
Tony Best says...
Sadly I have just found out that Derek Foley passed away in November 2014. He had lived in New York for a number of years. He joined a band called Paladin whose CD Charge was met with critical acclaim.
4th January 2015 12:47pm
alan titley says...
I was with the Impact as roadmanager from the beginning(1965)
my brother and myself were friends with Graham for 37 great years and with him when he passed away in Christies hospital in 2002.
4th September 2015 4:59am
Lesley nee Jay says...
Hi Alan, saw your comment on Grisby ***** section a few weeks ago and left a 'comment'. Knew you and your John from the Spots, have a read on that site, I mentioned about Cumberland Suite at Belle Vue. I was with Roy, your John with Diane, ... Read More
4th September 2015 8:04am
alan titley says...
Hi Lesley,remember you well you called round to see John and myself in Cheadle Hulme, as regards The Spots it was Glynn who was with Yvonne I was with the spots from Aug 64 till they split at Christmas New Year and formed The Impact. John lives in ... Read More
25th November 2015 4:01am
Lesley Anne Jay-Nurdoch says...
Lovely to see a reply from you Alan, apologies for the mistake re. Yvonne (age has caught up with me hehe) Did Roy carry on in the music genre, after the Impact? You and John are a long way from home! I'm in Leigh about 7 miles from Wigan. Did ... Read More
25th November 2015 9:10am
alan titley says...
Hi Lesley,saw Roy back in the nineties he"s married then,Bill and Tony still live in the Stockport area but where I don't know Ive not seen Glyn since the Spots broke up. regards. Alan.
3rd December 2015 7:22am
Tony Gardner says...
I remember seeing this band at the Oasis, they were outstanding. I was thinking at the time: "What a good name for a band! Why didn't I think of that?" Tony Gardner The Go-Go.
25th November 2015 11:39pm
Baz says...
I saw this band twice; firstly in 1966 as a support act at the New Century Hall(main act long forgotten). I remember the all-Fender instrument line-up but I'm sure that one of the lads had a blonde Telecaster. In an era of mainly semi-acoustic ... Read More
8th February 2016 4:23am
Baz says...
I would have hoped that by now somebody would have responded to the comment I made about The Impact nearly 12 months ago. Without doubt this was the best local band I remember ever having seen by a considerable margin. They were exceptional and I ... Read More
1st January 2017 9:53pm
alan titley says...
Hi Baz, I was the roadmanager of the Impact back in the sixties and seventies,John is my brother and still going. send me some info about yourself name where do you live etc.
Alan Titley.
16th January 2017 9:08am
Baz says...
Hello Alan Thanks for your reply; my comments about the band are genuine. Communication-wise, I'm inclined to be a bit circumspect about giving personal information on an open forum following attempted scams and the hacking of my computer. I ... Read More
22nd January 2017 7:58am
Baz says...
To Alan; continued from earlier I did a bit of roadie-ing and lighting with a mate Phil, in 1973 at Mather College near the immediate city centre of Manchester. This was for a band featuring one of Phil's mates and who were supporting Tractor. ... Read More
22nd January 2017 8:53am
Baz says...
Sorry Alan, this is now No 3. I somehow managed to lose that last blog before it had been completed. That last sentence was intended to say that the ice blue Stratocaster always sounded 'right on'. When your brother's band took the stage ... Read More
22nd January 2017 9:21am

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