Barry Clare Guitar
Mike Floyd Bass
David Clare Lead guitar
Alan Fasey Vocals
Hank Harvey Wilkinson Drums

The Invaders (Kent) appeared on Ready Steady Win March 1964 with  "I know a Boy". We came second to The Bo Street Runners.

Sadly the lead singer just passed away hid funeral was 2.10.14 RIP Alan Fasey. The lead guitarist David Clare passed away 7.5.14 sadly as well, RIP David Clare. We are still looking for Hank Wilkinson our drummer, where are you Hank Harvey Wilkinson?

Barry Clare, guitar and Mike Floyd, bass

Hank on drums

Barry - guitar- and Mike - bass

Live photos of the TV from a Kodak Brownie at home, courtesy Barry Clare

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Topic: The Invaders - Kent
nicola rigby says...
Alan was my uncle. So happy to this photo of.him
3rd November 2014 6:38am
Shirley Taylor nee Fasey says...
Thank you so much for the picture of the boys . Alan Fasey was our youngest brother and losing him has been a blow for all the family

Lovely to see him in his younger days as we grow older we lose touch with our youngers days
3rd November 2014 6:43am
Barry Clare says...
Hi Paul,the lead vocalist who passed away was Alan FASEY. His surname is omitted in the list top left and in text RIP Alan..... Please can you edit if that is possible.Thanks for including us on the site Paul,Barry.
5th November 2014 11:31pm
Duncan Campbell (Dartford) says...
Hi, Thanks to this website, we were able to connect with Barry Clare and the end result is that many of Alan Fasey's family have heard "I know A Boy" for the first time and it's FANTASTIC!
17th October 2017 10:30pm

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