The Irwells
info courtesy Pete Oliver

John Parker  
Liam Morris  
Ronnie Grundy Bass guitar
Steve Barnes  
Pete Oliver Drums

The Irwells were probably the first band to headline on the front page of the Manchester Evening News - remarkable publicity at the time (1966).

We could even boast Mike Sweeney as a part time roadie.

I was the only pro in the band receiving 12 pound a week while the others were still at college.

We even had 2 Ford Thames vans plus a yellow zephyr convertable - flash b******s.

The Lindale in Eccles was our stomping ground plus the Gaytime in Salford, which I managed - booking Billy J Kramer, St Louis Union, Outrage, Black Cat Bones and Small Faces for 40 pounds each.

Pete Oliver


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