Ivan D Juniors

Ivan Dixon vocals
Bernie Calvert bass
John "Rocky" Robertshaw guitar
Pete Burton drums

Rocky had previously been rhythm guitarist with Ricky Shaw and the Dolphins, who later transmuted into half of the Hollies.




Oriole CB1874 1963 On My Mind/ Catch You If I Can

Some Ivan D. Juniors concerts:

Wednesday, June 3, 1964: The Cavern, 8 - 10 Mathew Street, Liverpool 2, Lancashire, UK, with Dave Lee and the Staggerlees, The Hideaways, The Elements 

Wednesday, September 23, 1964: The Cavern, 8 - 10 Mathew Street, Liverpool 2, Lancashire, UK, with The Escorts, The Hideaways

John H. Warburg


The Vickers and Barry Corbett and the Mustangs were good but my favourites were the Ivan D. Juniors when it comes to Dewsbury Town Hall. 

Steve Walker

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Topic: Ivan D Juniors
John H. Warburg says...
Just added a couple of dates - would be great to add more.
25th June 2014 9:05pm
Christine Robertshaw (Portslade) says...
My husband was in the ivan d juniors. He played the intro on catch me if you can
18th December 2017 10:04am


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