John Senior Blues Band

John Senior Guitar/Vocals
Joe D Bass/Vocals
Ray Gibson Drums

I gigged with them in the late sixties. Lots of heavy Blues when all the kids wanted was Knock On Wood!

We rehearsed a lot, told the agents we were a Soul Band and then played our version ... KNOCK ON WOOD MEETS THE BLUES. Mostly from The Beano Album, B B King and early Cream.

We enjoyed it anyway.

Ray Gibson

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Topic: John Senior Blues Band
Andru Cann says...
I was a very good friend of John Senior. We jammed a lot together and dreamt of moving to Chicago to play the Blues for real. I later joined "Life n Soul" and our paths got separated. I'd love to see him again. I thought of John when I ... Read More
24th March 2014 7:50pm
John Senior says...
Hi Andy, I'm not sure whether I know you, but I think I do. What guitar did you have in the mid 60's. It was a Fender What's it, Wasn't it?

25th April 2014 4:30am
John Senior says...
Hi Andy, yes it is you! I've just looked at the Life and Soul web page and seen the photos of you with your Fender Jaguar. It was nearly 50 years ago. I'd love to hear from you. Send me an email.....

25th April 2014 7:38am
andru cann says...
18th May 2014 4:14pm
John Senior says...
I'm John Senior.....still alive.....still going.....still never made any money (out of music).......but still playing. When I gather my notes together (paper ones not quavers ones) I might add to this web page that somebody has kindly started ... Read More
25th April 2014 4:41am
Alan Jackson says...
Hello Ray, I am in contact with John and see him socially. I am trying to persuade him to re-form the Band. I played with the Band from about 1966, left to study in Leicester in '67 but returned to play whilst there. The drummer we had then had a ... Read More
29th April 2014 9:08pm
John Senior says...
I would like to thank Ray for starting off this web page. It has whetted my appetite to add to it. I am currently going through my archives trying to piece it all together. It was quite short lived really although we went through quite a lot of band ... Read More
13th May 2014 3:50am
vivien harris says...
hi john!
I'm still alive too!
Still remember the blues you played, good memories, thanks!
22nd October 2014 7:20am
John Senior says...
Hi again Vivien, Are you that very kind and trusting girl that loaned me your Austin A55 car in 1966 to travel to London for an audition to join a band that was advertising for a guitarist in the Melody Maker? The audition was for a band that was ... Read More
25th October 2014 4:33am
John Senior says...
Hi Vivien...Glad you're alive to.... Did you live on Mossfield Road, Swinton?
25th October 2014 2:57am
Harry the Fwuerk Greene says...
GrinJohn Senior Blues Band He was good on Guitar an Good on ur side in a Scrap !! My Pal x
20th December 2014 2:59pm

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