Johnie and the Conteurs
Dougie and the Conteurs


Paul Madrid Lead Guitar 
Norman Shields Bass Guitar
Brian Shorrocks Rhythm Guitar
Tony Lyons Drums (his father Frank was manager)
Johnie Mooney (1962) Vocals
Doug Beasley (1963 onwards) Vocals


The Conteurs were a Rock and R&B band from Radcliffe  -  just to the North of Manchester. The band was formed in 1962 and I provided the low end until 1964.

Paul Madrid and I had played together for quite some time before founding Johnie & The Conteurs together with Tony who was a fairly new drummer, Brian who we nicked from another band and Johnie who was already an established solo artist on the club and pub scene. This was followed in 1963 by a change of vocalist resulting in Duggie & The Conteurs, and I left in 1964 to take up a 2 year full-time further education course  -  I did not return to regular live stage work until I joined the Bo-Rayners (from Bury) in 1966.

In the Johnie & The Conteurs photograph Johnie is centred and I’m lower left with Hofner President bass.

In the Duggie & The Conteurs photograph (left to right as viewed): Tony, Brian, Paul, Me and then Duggie.

Norman Shields


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