Johnny Costello with The Lawmen

Line-up included
Johnny Costello vocals
Pat Mckay lead guitar
Steve Twigg bass
Keith Purcell rhythm
ommy Lawrence drums
Jon vocals
Terri vocals

I remember well the nights at Eccles Town Hall when the Lawmen were on.

They started out as 'The Lawmen with Jon and Terri'

Terri was a young girl singer who went off to seek her fortune and Jon was a good rock and roll singer.

Later Johnny Costello joined as the original John and Terri left.

The line up then was Johnny Costello (singer) Pat Mckay (lead guitarist) Keith Purcell (rythm guitar) Steve Twigg (bass guitar) and Tommy Lawrence (drummer) They all had Fender guitars as I remember.

They appeared all over the north west for a couple of years and they were a good outfit.

Ex Salford docks policeman Arthur Robinson managed the group and steered them to good solid success.

I knew Johnny well (we were both bread delivery drivers and very young then!!) He did a fantastic rendition of 'Only Make Believe' the old Conway Twitty hit. The group used to start with three or four instrumentals before Johnny came on.

Johnny and his wife used to travel to the gigs in their 'Metropolitan' car.

I wonder what happened to them all. They will, like me be in their seventies (or at least late sixties) by now.

Has anyone got a picture of the group?

Pete Phillips





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