Johnny Dark and The Stormy Knights

Ian Murray rhythm guitar
Bob Law bass
Stan Rutter drums
Pete breddy lead guitar
Frank Tute vocals




Our group was called Johnny Dark and the Stormy Knights and was formed out of the Hi-Tones. We started playing at Moss Side British Legion, (now demolished) at the corner of Moss Lane and Lloyd Street.  Playing mainly Shadows instrumentals we eventually met up with our eventual singer Frank Tute (now residing Perth, WA) and changed the name to the above.

We worked all the Wythenshawe based working mens clubs like Woodhouse Park, the Naval Club, Greenbrow Road, the RAFA Sharston etc for an audition 'fee' of about thirty shillings all in. Band members consisted: me on rhythm guitar, on Bass, Stan Rutter on drums (now in Canada) Pete Breddy on lead (now in South Africa)and we were the group who had the knights head chesspiece silhouette on our bass speaker cabinet.

Our 15 minutes of fame came when we were asked to take over from Hermans Hermits at one of the aforesaid venues (can't remember which) as they were moving on to greater things. Happy days.

Ian Murray

The name of the club where we knocked off Herman and the Hermits was the Twisted Wheel in the heart of Manchester.  We also had huge success at the Spiders web club.  Bob Law was the bass player.

Frank Tute

After all these years Ian has finally solved a mystery that has bugged me since the swinging 60s. I always had it in my mind that Wythenshawe's own Paul Young cut his teeth with a band called "Johnny Dark & The Stormy Knights", and I remembered the chess piece design on the drum kit. I later read Paul's biography, which made it clear that his group was called "The Midnights".

So I have always wondered where I got "Stormy Knights" from. Now I know that as "The Sneakers", "The Midnights" and the "Stormy Knights" all played the same Wythenshawe club circuit, I must have seen Ian's band either on the same bill or when I was out and about in the aformentioned clubs. Obviously got my 'nights' mixed up.

Thanks Ian!

Tom Bancroft

To any out there who reads this with reference to Johnny Dark and the StormyKnights and you have any information about the group I would be most grateful because I am writing my autobiography and any info, any no matter how small will be of help .Thankyou, Frankie Tute

Frankie Tute




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