Johnny Martin and the Tremors
see also Johnny Martin and the Paiges

left to right: Keith Shepherd (bass) Johnny Martin (vocals) Brian Matthews (drums) Neil Gibbons (sax) and Bob Scales (lead guitar)

Line-up included  
Pete Cowap lead
Nick Duval bass
Neil Gibbons saxophone
Johnny Martin vocals
Brian Matthews drums
Bob Scales lead (replaced PC)
Keith Shepherd bass (replaced ND)

Pete Cowap decided to form the Country Gents and asked Keith Shepherd to join on bass guitar and vocals.

The latter negotiated with Nick who then joined the Gents, Keith left the Pete Bocking Six and joined the Tremors.The Tremors continued for about another year with this line up. I have no information after I joined the Four Just Men so I presume they broke up

Keith Shepherd

Manchester group who were very similar to Showaddywaddy appearing various coloured drape suits and favouring stomping rock and roll and Roy Orbison numbers. They played all the Manchester club venues, The Three Coins, Jungfrau, Oasis etc.

They also played in Abbotfield Park at the Urmston show on the same bill as the Beatles!

Mags Cummings

When the band broke up Johny Martin went into cabaret and formed a latin american trio El Trio Martinez which toured the UK and the continent.

Ryan Jones


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