The Jokers

Line-up included

Derek Quinn rhythm guitar 
Gordon Kirkham drums
Johnny Lovell lead vocals
Pete Dawson                    lead guitar  
Peter J. 'Pete' Bocking lead guitar

One of the founder member of Freddie and the Dreamers, lead guitarist Derek Quinn (b. Sunday, May 24, 1942, Didsbury?, Manchester 20, Lancashire, UK), had started out playing rhythm guitar in 50's band The Lady House Farm Skiffle Group based in Didsbury, Manchester 20 and then was in 50's band The Jokers, who included a guy called Gordon Kirkham on drums.

They auditioned for famous DJ Jimmy Savile (b. James Wilson Vincent Savile, Sunday, October 31, 1926, Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK d. Saturday, October 29, 2011, Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK) at The Plaza Ballroom in Oxford Street, Manchester and at Sid Frankenberg's British Legion  Club.

For a time the band had a lead vocalist called Johnny Lovell and a couple of lead guitarists in Pete Dawson and a really creative guitarist in Pete Bocking (b. Peter J. Bocking, Saturday, October 31, 1942, Withington, Manchester 20, Lancashire, UK d. Saturday, October 31, 2009, Milnrow, Rochdale, Greater Manchester, UK). 

Later Quinn got a Fender guitar, with a red rose on the front, which he would not let anyone touch. 

Then from 1958 he was in Johnny Peters and the Jets with Johnny Peters (b. Barry James) on lead vocals, Pete Bocking on lead guitar, Derek Quinn on rhythm guitar, Joe Abrams on drums (b. Joseph Abrams, c. 1942, Manchester, Lancashire, UK).  

Quinn later became the lead guitarist, harmonica player in The Kingfishers, who later became The Dreamers Rhythm Group and then in October 1961 to Freddie and the Dreamers

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