The Kasual 5
Ashton Under Lyne

Line-up (as image on right)
Jeff Turner lead
Dave Broadbent rhythm
Bob Daly vocals
John Barnicott drums
Malc Greenwood bass

We would travel the north west in our Austin A40 van supporting groups like the Kinks, Manfred Mann, The Zombies, Hermans Hermits, Wayne Fontana to mention just a few.

By the way we later upgraded to a Thames 7 seater, this was total heaven we felt like real stars in that.

Malc Greenwood

Just had quite a surprise whilst searching through this site... one of my old bosses, Malc Greenwood was in a 60's beat group!

He was manager at a beer pump factory in Droylsden where I worked in the mid-80's, a thoroughly nice chap as I recall. I was a 17 year old kid obsessed with sixties music. If I'd known about his music career I'd have been continually quizzing him about his memories!

Tony Pacey


Out on a stroll somewhere in the Northwest Just before our new drummer John Barnicott  joined us

On stage in the early days at Ashton Town Hall, supporting the Swinging Blue Jeans.

Relaxing in the bar after supporting the Kinks at Warrington Baths.
This is the only photo our roadie Phil Worley managed to get on, he probably had to buy the drinks

Dave, Malc and Jeff posing back stage at Ashton Palais  before supporting Johnny Kidd and the Pirates

What the hell we are doing in this photo I don’t know, probably posing for some girls, Bob was really good at that. 


They used to practice at a pub on Old Street in AuL. Malcolm and I were often mistaken for each other (Remember Pamela Lawler, Malcolm) And where is the legendary Victor Willocks?

William G Danson ex Bushmen, Florida Beach

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Comments (2)

Topic: The Kasual 5
Phil Worley says...
The pub was called the Happy Shepard the landlord was John an awfully long time ago. I used to make up leads for the instruments and microphones. We had some great times together. Our first vehicle was an Austin A 45 van it was Dave Broadbents Dads.
4th February 2016 9:35pm
William G Danson says...
CoolAnd myself and other Bushmen used to sand outside, listening to hear what songs they were learning. I have just re-connected with Malcolm via FBook. They really were great days which made us into the men we are today!
17th May 2017 11:33am


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