Kathy and the Boleros
Little Hulton 1962-63

Kathy Barnwell vocals
Jack Whitehead guitar
Kenny Beddoes guitar
Harry Beddoes bass
Jim drums
Geoff Parkinson bass (replaced Harry)
Jim Brierley vocals


Kathy and the Boleros was formed by Jack Whitehead and Kenny Beddoes in Little Hulton in the early 60s and proved to be a very busy band.

The equipment line up was very impressive with Jack Whitehead alone possessing a pink Strat, Vox AC30 super twin (with the separate head and top boost) and a Binson Echorec 2.

Kenny Beddoes had a Fender Dousonic and a Selmer Selectertone amp and Copycat.

Original bass player Kenny's brother Harry had a pink Fender Jazz bass and Selmer Croc bass combo and the drummer whose name was Jim, had a Stratford kit. I have never seen one of these since.

Kathy Barnwell completed the line up on vocals.

When Harry left I replaced him on bass and Jim Brierley was a later addition as male vocalist.

We did the usual round of church halls, talent contests, weddings, corporate doos and the obligatory Ward and Goldstones gig. In 1964 I left to form the Blue Chips and later joined the Gonx and Outrage.

The Boleros changed their name and became a 3 piece with Brian Grant on drums. He later joined Hells Angels.

Geoff Parkinson



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