Kev Curtis and the Four Escorts
info and images courtesy Alan Forshaw

Kev Jackson lead vocals
Mick Rothwell lead guitar
Alan Forshaw guitar and vocals
Keith Lord bass and vocals
John Fitzpatric drums

The group pictured right in a publicity shot taken on the Peel Statue in Bury for Bury Palis De Dance (1962).  They were the
first group to appear at Bury Palais de Dance in 1962.


In those days Jack Cannon and orchestra were the resident band.  Beat groups were getting  to be the inthing so we were booked on a Friday and finished our spot with a new song Kev had just been sent from America - Twist and Shout.

We went down a storm!

Afterwards the manager made us the resident group on Mondays and Thursdays, odd Fridays and Saturday afternoons. 

We also played a resident spot at Silver Blade, Liverpool and Manchester on alternate weeks to the Hollies.

I've been trying to find Kev Curtis for ages. He was the lead singer in the original Powerhouse Six. I was on drums and I couldn't believe kev's Little Richard style voice when I first heard it at  Bury Palias in 1960.

I'm sorry I can't add to the history of the Four Escorts, but if anyone can put me in touch with Kev I would be very grateful. I am currently trying to organise a reunion of the original Powerhouse Six and would love Kev to be there.
My home phone number is 0161 480 6143.

Bernie Byrnes

Me and Mick Rothwell went to school together (East Ward Sec Mod)and we were best mates there for 4 years. He lived in Pine St and we would call at one anothers house listening and then learning the latest Duanne Eddy single.

At the time I was in the original Ian Dean & the Brystals (Dave Weeds took over from me) and Mick was in the Four Escorts.

Funnily enough I worked with Kev in Manchester at the CWS for about 3 years.

Never heard or seen Mick since 1963. Kev's still knocking around Bury.

Neville Shaw

Lee Road Social Club Moston


Princess Ballroom, Bury






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