The Kon-Tikis

Line-up included  
Morris Berry¬†         lead guitar
Dave Walker            drums
Dave Jarvis       bass guitar
Maurice Newton      vocals/rhythm guitar



The Kon-Tiki's started life in the mid sixties. All members came from the Bury area and played gigs locally. Whilst the band members were all quite young, it was nevertheless a decent, tight sound for the time. We used to re-hearse in a small garage and drive the neighbours mad!

The band split up around 1966.

Dave Walker and Maurice Newton teamed up with Graham Latimer (ex. Strangeways Bass player) to form a band called 'Problem Solved'. This band split up after about a year or so and Dave went on to join 'Gerards Own' (formerly The Black Arrows).
Maurice joined Cleveland Fox.

Not sure where everone is now, although Dave Walker moved to the Bournemouth area and still plays in a couple of bands in the area.

Maurice Newton plays regularly in couple of tribute acts in the Manchester area.

Maurice Newton

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