Lee Wade and the Wild Ones

Nick Gribbon Bass
Pete Haliwell Drums
Paul Harwood Vocals
Phil Coggan Lead
Stuart MacGarry Rhythm

I joined Paul Wade and the Wild Ones in 1966, an established Blackpool band. The members included Nick Gribbon on bass, Pete Halliwell (ex- Bruce and the Spiders) and myself on lead guitar.

We played all around the north, (including the Cavern) and as far down as Bristol, on the same bill as Tom Jones, The Pretty Things, The Cimmerons, The Reno Four, and many more.

I remember Bury Palais as being one of our favourite gigs, the crowd was really good there, and we had a great following. We supported Paul and Barry Ryan there. I remember the dressing room to be no more than a shed behind the stage!

(Comment from Paul, webmaster: Great gig, I was there and remember how good the group were)

The Wild Ones changed image for a while and backed a Manchester girl band called 'The Dollies' the lead singer Jill was at that time engaged to Carl Green of Hermans Hermits. He came to quite a few gigs with us.

Later on I joined the Rockin Vickers for a brief time with Nick Gribbon, replacing Lemmy.

I would be great to get in touch with anyone who remembers the above.

Phil Coggan

Gigs remembered

The Oasis
Room at the Top, Wigan
The Queens', Cleaveleys
The Vic Casino, Cherry Tree, Foxhall in Blackpool.

This s a 60s pic of msyelf and The Wild Ones before Mogsy (bass), Ian Holbrook (lead), Nick Gribbons (rhythm) joined Harry and Ciggy in The Rocking Vicars.

We used to play at the Vic in Clevelys every Sat with The Vicars. If any body that remembers us would like to contact me ,that would be nice.  
Ian sadly passed away a few years ago.  Nick has a trio no  called “Nick Unlimited".

Brian Taylor



With Outrage we played our first pro gig with Lee Wade and the Wild Ones at the Queens at Cleveleys and remember the Wild Ones played from a stage half way up the wall on the oposite side of the room from us.

I think they had a TVM valve pa which was probably a whopping 50 or maybe even 100 watts. They put on a great preformance which was very hard to follow- ah memories--nice one lads!!!!

Geoff Parkinson

Hi there - I was the Wild Ones manager and remember the great times.  I am on the right of the pic of the Wild Ones.

Brian Taylor

I first met Ian (Jango as we called him) in the garage where we both worked.  He asked me if I would manage the group.

At this time I was doing dj work under the name of Johnny Cool.  Nnick's dad was managing them at this time so I went to see him and he said that was ok with him.

I was at this time useing an agent called Jeff Bates so was able to get gigs for the group as well.  We played a lot at the Queens at Clevelys.  We were nearly always playing with the Vicars and Bruce and The Spiders.

Brian Taylor

Hi everyone  - if any of the Wild Ones would like to get in touch it would be great to hear from you.

Brian Taylor

Contact Paul (websmaster) for email address 

Wasn't Tony King a founder member? and for one gig they were called Tony King and the Cavaliers or something. It was at the Catholic club on Preston New Road.. I could be wrong.

Vincent aka Butch



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