The Lemon House
Info courtesy of Johnny Martindale

L to R: [top] Brian, Martin, [bottom] John, Bart, Chris.

Martin ?
Brian Marks
Chris Smith
Paul Bartholomew
Bass Guitar
John ?

The Lemon House were formed in 1967 around a guitarist called Martin a very camp, eccentric showman from Cheetham Hill where the group were based. They played Hendrix and T Rex covers. The music was "in yer face", loud and anarchic. They played a couple of pubs in Salford then split.

A matter of days later The Grit Band were formed from the remnants. This was an exciting time when a new breed of rock group was emerging in Manchester.

Names like Greasy Bear, Axis, Puzzle and Grisby Dyke were about to hit the clubs and universities around the UK. They were no nonsense, hard hitting musically and lyrically and boy could they play those instruments.


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