Lemon Line

Line-up included  
Pete Cliffe drums
Brian McGladdery vocals
Brian Baxter bass
Linda Rothwell vocals
Dave Leach  
Fred Dean  



I personally know little of this '60s band apart from seeing their name on a regular basis in the Manchester Evening News whats on ads, although some of the band members faces look familiar - -on the back of this promotional postcard is the address of the fan club which was--Sue and Julie Bennett, Dalney St, Mcr 19.

I think that they may have been based in Wythenshawe.

This card was published in December 1967.

Geoff Parkinson

The guy 2nd from the right, with hand on his chin, is drummer Pete Cliffe, previously with the Odd Ones and before that the Blue Rondos.

Bob Fordham

The Lemon Line's singer was Brian McGladdery, in the photo he's on the back left sitting on the top step.
On the Lemon Line's return from playing in Sweden, he joined the notorious Royal Variety Show, who became Oscar.

You can see Brian with Oscar, here on this You Tube link.

Kevin Parrott

The bass player was Brian Baxter formerly of the Myaks and who became a local star (Wythenshawe, Sale, Timperley and his attic studio!)with Joules the Band in the 80s. He wrote "Anyone else who knows me" which Joules recorded and which was played on Piccadilly radio so often that we actually got royalties for a period! Timmy Mallet picked up on it and in fact the band were interviewed by him on his mad radio show one afternoon.

Bob Ainsworth

The girl on the left was called Linda she was from Bury I think.  Her group was called Linda and the Lovers or Linda's Lovers.

Their manager (Lemonline) was called John Knowles and the company was called Intermack with offices on Princess Street, M/c.

Brians wife also sang with Lemonline. she was Scandanavian I think.

Tony Hayes

The Lemon Line had three of The Myaks in the band, Dave Leach is on the middle row left (seated), Brian Baxter seated right and Pete Cliffe.

Pete took over from Micky Chuwen on drums.  By this time I had moved from Manchester and I was able to catch up with The Myaks when I had chance to get back.


Just had another look at the photo again,and the person standing on the left is Fred Dean, its coming back to me now.

I am pretty sure the lads changed management, either they changed their name and added the two girls, or visa versa.  I met up with the┬áLemon Line after they played at St Bernadettes. We went to town and had a meal.  The two girls stayed with us but its a bit faded now.


The "Linda" girl in that band is LINDA ROTHWELL, she went on recording with band GOLIATH (CBS) and made at least a couple of singles for Chapter One.  Both Linda and Goliath are on (sigh!) Facebook too!


This was taken in 1966. I think, the band had been signed a management deal with Maurice King and this was a promotion shot. Precious Kingston, Brian McGladdery, Pete Cliffe, Brian Baxter in the shades, Dave Leach leaning forward, Fred Dean and seated is Bubbles (Linda Rothwell).


Decca For your precious love/You made me see the light

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Topic: Lemon Line
Lisa Tricoteuse says...
Yes, the guy on the left is Fred Dean - he's my uncle and was from Baguley then Wythenshawe. He's still alive but doesn't live in that area now. My mum (Fred's sister) always told me the band split up when one of the girls died, but ... Read More
19th November 2016 3:05pm

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