Little John and his Foresters
Stockport/Disley area


Alan Whiteside vocals
Stan Wardle  lead
Dave Spink    rhythm
Dave Harding  bass
Robin Barber drums

Played many venues around Buxton/New Mills area and quite a lot around the Cross Lane area of Salford, as well as regular stints at Southern Sporting Club and Palace Theatre Club. 

I was just thinking back to my time in Little John and The Foresters and the  famous acts that we appeared with, don't think that it could happen today for  bands at  our level, e.g.,  Karl Denver Trio, Emile Ford and The Checkmates, Vince Hill, Brooks Bros,  The Dennisons, Sid and Eddie, Lorna Luft, Will Gaines, Johnny Hackett, Pat Phoenix,  Nat Gonella.

 Happy times indeed.

Dave Spink


I am the gradson of Stan Wardle. I'm a musician myslef. He told me there was a record made by Little John and his Foresters and I really want to track it down. Does anyone have a copy?

Luke James

Hi Luke,it was great to make contact with you and I hope that your grandad enjoys the copy of the record that I sent for him. Thank you for the photos.

Best wishes,

Dave Spink

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Comments (11)

Topic: Bier Keller
sue says...
Hi there I love these manchester forums does anyone remember the piccadilly club where you walked through the elephants mouth I think it was near the auto club used to go there loads great place
14th April 2015 4:06pm
PatShort says...
Hi Guys, I seem to remember 3 bier kellars in Manchester. 1)Piccadilly, 2) Baron's Bier Kellar, Oxford Street and 3) Wood Street Bier Kellar, Deansgate.
Greatplaces, great times.Latter 2 were hosyed by DJs.
18th June 2015 3:51am
peter says...
I went to the bierkeller a few times 1978 - 1984 including stag nights , always a good night with a great oompah band some nights . there were signs saying no dancing on the table but everyone ignored them , i ran across a table not looking and ... Read More
8th July 2015 6:24am
Steve Holmes says...
Spent many a beer filled evening at Bier Kellar Oxford Road ! Until I got 'sophisticated' and started going to Placemate (old Twisted Wheel) !
24th October 2015 9:09pm
Steve Holmes says...
Not to do with the Bier Keller, but does anybody remember the name of Dave Eager's intro music at the Top Ten Club ?
2nd January 2016 11:43am
Juke Jules says...
Can anyone give some details of the record, and some dates? Thanks, Jules
27th December 2015 8:20am
Dave Spink says...
Hello Juke, thanks for your interest.The recording was made as a demo in 1964 and was never released.It was an audition requirement for a Ready,Steady,Go competition.If you want any further info just get in touch.
Dave Spink
27th December 2015 10:11pm
Dave Spink says...
Sorry, should have put Hello Jules. Smile
6th January 2016 8:45pm
Juke Jules says...
Thanks Dave. I've forgotten just which record we were discussing, but even if it was an unreleased demo or acetate it would be good to see an image of it here, or uploaded to the relevant page on 45cat
7th January 2016 4:40am
Liz rinaldi says...
I will never forget the Bier Keller. I Started work there the first night it opened and stayed for about 2 years. mr Riddley was the boss I think he had The Southern Hotel in Chorlton Brilliant times and all the best people came there Never any ... Read More
23rd February 2016 1:49am
Ann (fleetwood) says...
I wentto piccadilly bier Keller about 1969 then started going to wood street, chunky was the dj and Neville was a bouncer loved it miss those days
21st December 2017 5:11am


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