Lloyds Formula

Norman Lindsey vocals
Brian Greenhalgh lead
Ray Taylor rhythm
Graham Worthington drums and harmony
Dave Wolfendale bass

We formed whilst we were at the local Y.M.C.A. and went on to play as resident at Bolton Casino in 1968.





Circa 1973 Lloyds Formula disbanded when vocalist Norman Lindsay left.

Ronnie Smith (formerly vocalist with Hells Angels' who had disbanded) joined as vocalist and the band re-named 'The New Angels' and performed in the NW for the next couple of years.

Circa 1976 Brian Greenhalgh (lead guitar)joined (2nd cousin) Barry Simons (formery bass player  with 'The Phoenix') and solo female vocalist 'Big Viv Boardman' (resident singer at her parents pub in Bolton'The Red Bridge') to form 'THE COTTON PICKERS' who performed a country comedy act for the next circa 17 years in the  clubs in Northern part of the country.

Lloyds Formula re-formed to perform at Norman Lindsays 40th birthday party (Colin Grey replacing the now sadly demised Ray Taylor) and have performed on and off to the present time(much at charitable functions) with Robin Harwood replacing Colin Grey on guitar and several friends+ associate musicians in and out over the time......(dates are approx)

Brian Greenhalgh


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