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These are not in any order of priority - just a rough chronological order


Reg Mercer aka Reg Plumber (bass guitar)

Founding member of the band, along with Paul Elliott.  Wrote many original numbers for the band.  Good voice and good bass player. 

Last heard of as a taxi driver in Folkestone area.


Paul Elliot aka Little Paul (lead guitar)

Very "tasty" guitarist and vocalist and all round nice guy.  Sadly missed when he left - reason was probably to earn a more regular income that actually paid a few bills.  How selfish to want to eat.

Paul Mlynarz aka Paul Fox (sax then lead vocals)

Went from sax to lead vocals - his playing got more laughs than his comedy ever did!  Mainstay of the band for many years till he got fed up and went to ,,,, yes, you've guessed it ... Papua New Guinea (logical move).

Now lives the life of a country squire in Australia.  Spends his time writing web sites that no one will ever look at.

Terry Cutting aka Terry England (drums)

With the band for many, many years.  Played the straightman to Paul.  

Now works for his son at Deal's MarkOne Music Store (ask for the Life 'n' Soul discount - plus 10%)


Geoff aka Greasy Geoff (sax)

One of the early guys.  Nice and easy going, great player.  Played sax on the album.


Perry White (keyboard)

Perry was a superb keyboard player - evident in the fact he has made his living at it for so long in a non-commercial market.


Bob Coltart aka Bob Scott (guitar)

A great musician and a fine friend, we are saddened to hear of Bob's death.  

Bob was the ultimate entertainer - whether rock, pop, comedy or ska - great guitarist, impersonator, song-writer and mate.

We wish his family well.


Larry aka Larry the Lamb (bass guitar)

Larry didn't last too long in the band and was left out as a result of a mini split that saw Bob and Perry quit, leaving Paul and Terry to seek a different format for the band. 

Whilst the split heralded the move totally towards comedy and a four piece band, there was no place for Larry.


Steve (guitar)

Steve was a fine guitarist who took the job seriously.  Never really happy in the band, I thought.

Adrian Doms aka Susan (bass guitar)

What can you say about Susan - superb bassist and harmony vocals and good at comedy.

I have been pleased that he has kept the band going .. and going ... and going .. and STILL going.

Great guy. 

John Lawrence (guitar)

John served the band well over many years - a good guitarist and a fine voice, especially for "rock and roll".

Lousy legs!


Garry Dean (guitar)

The band with Gary probably had the band's harmony work at the  best level.

 Version of "Living next door to Alice" was super-dooper!

Gary didn't stay long with band - the call of Folkestone was too strong.  Did you ever get that FiatX19 Garry - they are cheap now!


Neil the Roadie

Good old Neil - reliable and trustworthy but went through lots of troubles while with the band.

Used to get really upset when people thought he was Paul - as if Paul didn't get equally upset!

Steve Smith (roadie)

Roadies rarely feel appreciated - probably Steve's feelings - but he was.

I shall never, ever, forget his outburst one night when, after some sarcastic remark made to him from Paul onstage, he turned to the audience and vented his anger to them. It went on and on and, of course, everyone thought it was part of the act.

Funny now - sorry, Steve!

John Philpott (vocals)

John just makes it in to the site to seal it off nicely.  John replaced Paul on Sat 23 January 1983, making his first appearance with the band at Paul's farewell gig.

John was a seasoned entertainer, having worked with "The Bugaloos", "Billie and the Heroes" and touring with his own act "The Billie Hayes Show".

A man of "courage" - but how many reading this site will know why?


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