The move towards comedy
A band history - the early years  - 1977 to 1983
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Its often difficult to pinpoint a change in direction but the GA certainly sticks in my memory - although I couldn't tell you where it is now.

Perry at the keyboards at the Golden Arrow

When the band started playing there in its first few gigs, they pulled about 10 people.  Herne Bay based QUINT were the big boys and everyone else was third/fourth fiddle.  They got about 25 quid and every one else got between 10 and 15 - so they had to be good.
The band did a few gigs to a small but appreciative audience - playing a mixture of original compositions by Reg and soul, pop and rock and roll standards.  To compensate for a lack of numbers, the band had joked around a little between the songs and Paul started to tell the odd joke - usually very odd.
After a gig or so like this, the audience began to improve and the "witty repartee" between Paul and the audience (plus Paddy, the barmaid) increased to such an extent that the band always had songs to spare.
At rehearsal one night (Hythe Scouts Hall), Paul  suggested they did a medley of Gary Glitter songs.  At the next rehearsal, Terry turned up with a silver suit and a pair of golden boots and basically told him to put his money where his mouth was.  Paul (who had always wanted to sing but never had) took on the challenge!
The Golden Arrow was the place to try it out!
The crowd had been building for some time - now the room was packed out every gig, to the extent of covering the pool table so it could be sat on.  The audience expected the unusual - a raffle where the somewhat posh winner was shocked to receive a pair of Perry's socks (still warm) or the band opening up with Moon River or worse, opening up and trying to play someone else instrument!

The Gary Glitter act went down a storm, especially with a guy called Gordon - who used to do something "odd" every time the band played.  Although he had turned up dressed in unusual things, the most  memorable was him dressed in newspapers as a punk.  A quick thinking Terry called him over to chat n stage, while Perry set him alight!

Eventually the band could no longer afford to play at the GA - although the fee increased to a massive 27 pound 50p plus the odd free drink.
A recording of the early days at the GA is available - click here


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