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A band history - the early years  - 1977 to 1983
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1977  1978

Geoff Corner (sax), Paul Mlynarz (sax), Paul Elliot (guitar/vocals), Terry England (drums), Reg Mercer (bass/vocals) and Perry White (keyboard)

Picture taken in the Drama Room at Herne Bay Secondary School

Paul Elliot (guitar/vocals), Perry White (keyboard),Terry England (drums), Reg Mercer (bass/vocals - front) and Paul Mlynarz (sax and vocals)

Picture taken at a studio in Margate



Terry England (drums), Perry White (keyboard), Reg Mercer (bass/vocals), Paul Mlynarz (sax and vocals) and Bob Coltart (guitar/vocals),

Picture taken in a studio in Herne Bay

Adrian Doms (bass), Paul Mlynarz (vocals),
Terry Cutting (drums) and Steve (guitar)

Picture taken in a studio in Canterbury

1982 1984

Adrian Doms (Hulk),Terry Cutting (Andy Pandy), 
John Lawrence (Rod Stewart) and John Philpott (Bobby Ball )


John Philpott (vocals), Terry Cutting (drums),
John Lawrence (guitar) and Adrian Doms (bass)



John Philpott (vocals) and Adrian Doms (bass)
Unknown (drums) and John Lawrence (guitar)

Adrian Doms (bass), Dave Finch (drums), 
John Philpott (Vocals) and Malcolm Anderson (guitar)


Dave Finch (drums), Adrian Doms (bass), 
Malcolm Anderson (guitar) and Mark Drew (Vocals)


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