Interview with Pete Simensky
ex-Meteors, Manchester Playboys,etc

Taken from - a US based songwriter's site. Peter was voted "Artist of the Month" in August 2004

Who is 'Treetown'?

Treetown is Peter Simensky , but it is also the name of a band I play with
about once a month. Been together about 20 years playing covers in a few local pubs.

How and when did you get started writing and performing music?

How long have you got? I started playing drums when I was about 6. I was given a a little toy drumkit by a lady who used to look after me. Her husband was in a works brass band and brought them home one day. By the time I was 14 I had collected a few more bits and pieces. Just about then The Beatles happened. I was introduced to a local band called The Meteors and we started gigging. Did ok, supported some big bands, like The Stones, The Hollies, Hermans Hermit's, loads... but no record deal, I think we were too young, or maybe not good enough! When I left school I went pro for a few years with a band called The Manchester Playboys. Then I got a proper job, wife, two sons, and 30 years later, took early retirement and started writing and recording my own songs at home for something to do.

Then I found Songramp.

What inspirations do you draw from in your writing & performing? Who are
some of your influences or musical 'heroes'?

Phew! I have no idea where the song come from. They often take on a life of their own .. I just go where they take me. The people I admire? Lots of great writers. Lennon and McCartney, Randy Newman, Gillian Welch, Neil Young, Dylan, John Hiatt, Sting.. the list goes on. I guess what attracts me to a song is the melody, I love a good tune! If I can come up with a lyric that works I'm a happy man.

What are you currently working on?

I have a couple of song on the go and I'm also rehearsing with my good friend John Howarth. We are trying to put a band together which hopefully will give us a chance to play our songs.

Briefly, what are some of your thoughts on the current state of the music world, and where this industry is heading?

I get a bit bored with the stuff I see on TV. I don't think I am hard to please, I just want to see good bands playing live, without all the fancy videos and stuff. I know, I'm old fashioned!

I don't know where the industry is heading, because I'm not sure what the industry is.

If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

Don't take yourselves too seriously! Make some music, have some fun.. and of course, more support for elderly Englishmen making music in the attic.

What would you say is the most important lesson you've learned in the
music business that new artists should know?

I still think of myself as a new artist. So if anyone has any good advice, I'm all ears. But, to any youngster out there with real talent I would say, you have to be totally commited, get good people on your side, and be sure you know exactly what it is you are trying to achiieve... and take control.

What do you hope this online community (SongRamp) will do for you and other members? What's your view on the Internet in general as it relates to today's musicians?

Well, I can't speak highly enough about this site. I found it about a year ago and after much deliberation put one of my songs on. Not even my wife and sons had heard me sing so I was a bit reluctant. The feedback and support was amazing. The fact that I now have about 30 songs on the site is because of all the messages and good will. You people are the best! I struggle a bit with the techie side of the internet, but the whole thing just blows me away. I sit here in the north of England, put a song on, and someone in Florida, or Michigan or Sydney has a listen and gets in touch. Tell me that isn't amazing. I'm also really pleased to have found so much great music on this site, just check out some of the AOMs, and future AOMs. I can't wait for one of them to make it really big and then I can name drop like crazy.

I think the future looks great. I can see live interactive jam sessions and collaborations, once we've all got super fast machines .

Any last thoughts?

A big 'ow do to my pal John Howarth, and thanks for your support, piano playing, and getting me out of bed at the crack of 10 am to work on the songs!

And a very big thankyou to everybody who voted for me, intelligent people with impeccable taste .. needless to say, your checks are in the post.


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