The Manchester Scene
Lexington Park
Wall Street
Manchester Scene line-up included
Andrew Todd drums
Keith Loftus guitar/vocals
Cliff Antill bass
Pete Piggott guitar/vocals
Pete Collerton bass, replacing Cliff
Johnny Hart drums
Alan Jackson   drums
Chris Gittens drums
Sid  Davies bass

I formed the Manchester Scene around 1969 with Pete Piggott.

We had no bass player at first then found Pete Colleton. Johnny Hart was the drummer. The band stayed together with various line up changes until 1971 changing the name to Lexington Park in 1970.

Cliff Antill (bass), good lad, passed away a few years back and Johnny Hart also died in 2006.

The band became Spring in 1971 and were resident at The Bower Club in Stalybridge and Circles in Hattersley until 1973.

Line-up: Pete Piggott, Keith Loftus, Alan  Todd (drums), Pete Colleton

Yet another name change to Wall Street which still were gigging up to September 2006.

Line-up 1973 -1978:
Keith Loftus  (guitar/vocals)
Phil Bromley  (bass/vocals)
Johnny Hart   (drums)
Paul Ashford  (drums)

Line-up 1978 - 1983:
Keith Loftus  (guitar/vocals)
Terry Barnes  (bass/vocals)
Steve Wild    (drums)
Paul Ashford  (drums)

Line-up 1983 - 1990:
Keith Loftus  (guitar.vocals)
Pete Clarke    (bass/vocals)
Johnny Hart   (drums)
Pete Piggot   (guitar/bass/vocals)

Line-up1990 - 2006:
Keith Loftus  (guitar/vocals)
Pete Colleton (bass)
Paul Ashford  (drums)
Ian Derby     (guitar/vocals)

Occasional additional members on the rock n'roll shows 1989/1994 backing Tommy Bruce, Heinz, Screaming Lord Sutch, Wee Willie Harris, Dave Sampson, Jess Conrad. etc

Danny Thurston (keyboards)
Bill Drain     (saxaphone)

Had some great times over the years and worked with some great people including Del Shannon, Billy Fury, dear old Reg Coates, Sweet Chariot and loads more.

Band is still together but off the road while I'm recovering from a nasty skin cancer on my chin and even worse radiotherapy.

Hopefully we will return - just to upset people - lol!

Keith Loftus

The late Keith 'Fearless Leader' Loftus of Wall Street



Regular work was in the Kumfy Club, Ashton, Tuesday nights backing the stripper! Also loads of working men's clubs throughout Lancs and Yorks.

A nice initiation ceremony was being offered a pint of cider in the dressing room of a club in Hyde - I thought it was really kind of the lads, until I realised they'd collectively filled the glass in the Gents!

Cliff nearly got us all into a fight on that first night by chatting up a bruiser's girlfriend! 

Andrew Todd

At the top of the page you mention the Manchester Scene members, the bass player was Syd Davies.

In the early 60's I was the road manager for the Scene with Keith Loftus, Johnny Hart and Sid Davies, initially we were called Spring and various other names.

Also a band called MERVES BARDOTS with Merve Horrocks and again Steve Collins. Edward Jon Dynamo was another band I was roadie with again with Sid Davies and Steve Collins and finaly with my last band PARADISE early 70's with again Steve Collins (drums), Graham Braddock (bass), Bob Lee (lead guitar) and John Kitchen (formerly ROCKIN VICKERS on vocals).

We supported bands such as the Troggs, Fortunes, Equals, Swinging Blue Jeans, etc.

Congratulations on a great website - it brought back loads of memories. Thanks.

Dave Hague

I was indeed a member and frequent stand in bassman over the years for Wall Street.  Also, as I'm sure you are aware, the cancer got the better of dear old Keith a few years ago. He'll always be remembered by some Wall Street veterans as 'Our Fealess Leader'.

Peter Clarke

My father loved playing with Wall Street (music was his thing).  Sadly my father died suddenly on July 23rd 2013, after being diagnosed with Lung Cancer.

He held Pete, Graham, Keith, Pete C, Johnny and Bill with great respect. Loved music my Dad.

Daniel Thurston (junior)




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