The Maraccas

L to R: Dave Rhodes, Brian "Slack" Donovan, Fred Seddon, Frank Baker and Tommy Cunningham.

Dave Rhodes vocals/harmonica
Frank Baker lead
Tommy Cunningham rhythm
Brian "Slack" Donovan drums
Fred Seddon bass

The Maraccas were a 60s band from Liverpool. 

Fred Seddon (bass) and Dave Rhodes (vocals/harmonica) were joined by three lads from "Scotty Road" Frank Baker (lead guitar), Brian "Slack" Donovan (drums) and Tommy Cunningham (rhythm guitar) and formed the Maraccas. 

The Maraccas played all over the North of England at places like the Cubi Klub, Rochdale and Birkenhead, the Bluesville club in the old Scholes cinema in Wigan, Oldham, Leigh, Bolton,York, Hull, the Cavern, Liverpool (of course) and lots of other places. 

They played an eclectic mix of blues, R n' B, rock, early Dylan and "Beat Poetry".


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