Margo and The Marvettes


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Topic: Margo and The Marvettes
sheila appleton says...
I absolutely loved Margo and the Marvettes, and have a single of theirs "When Love Slips Away". I always thought Margo sounded like Dusty.I saw them at the Cabaret Club in Manchester, and immediately liked them.
27th July 2015 4:06am
mick ward says...
this is the girl who was on faulty towers, she was the Australian girl who basil put his dirty hand prints all over her chest, she has a really great voice.
28th July 2015 5:30am
Don Fish says...
Sorry Mick, that was Luan Peters - Margo is still going strong back in her native Ireland
29th July 2015 3:15am
mick ward says...
hi sorry about that getting mixed up with something else, mike.
29th July 2015 7:57pm
Fred Isaacs says...
I've just picked up a record "Don't Forget" by Sherri Weine. I have read somewhere that this is in fact Margo from Margo and the Marvettes - could anyone confirm this please ?
14th October 2015 10:20pm
Trevor Burns says...
Yes you are correct it is indeed my wife Margo Burns,produced by Shel Talmy for the American market only in 1964,the backing singers are The ladybirds & the Arthur Greenslade orchestra & Big Jim Sullivan on guitar,Margo is still chanting ... Read More
21st January 2016 5:36am
Kathy Gevaux says...
Hi Trevor, Just found you online. My son was talking about bands and I was telling him about you and Margot and the band. Hope all is well with you. love Kathy (Dempster) xx
14th March 2016 1:52am
R. SHINNIE says...
where is margo know.
18th June 2017 8:41am
David Wallace (Leigh) says...
My wife and I have just celebrated our Golden Wedding anniversary, and for my stag night I attended the Wishing Well Club, in Swinton, where no less a group than Margo and the Marvettes performed.
29th September 2017 4:03am

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