The Melodybeats

Line-up #1
Dave Bright Bass Guitar
Glyn Connah Lead Guitar/Vocals
Tom Muirhead Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals
Mike Burns Drums/Vocals
Line-up #2  
Dave Bright Bass Guitar
Glyn Connah Lead Guitar
Sherie Paul Vocals
John Downs Drums
Mike Burns Vocals

The Melodybeats were formed by Dave Bright in late 1964 when his Manchester Uni based group The Dave Bright Five disbanded.

Glyn Connah joined from Pete Sands and the Sapphires and the new line up did a few gigs as The Austells before Tom Muirhead joined from The Teddybears. Tom improved the band’s vocal range and meant that the repertoire shifted for 50% instrumental to vocals with a good range of harmonies.

The name ‘Melodybeats’ came from the idea that we had a mix of ‘melody’ with a ‘beat’ and this came out best in a number called ‘Just One More Chance’ penned by Tom.

However, we didn’t always stick to the job description and often played it for, if not laughs, at least fun in an impromptu sort of way and we were billed as ‘Zany’ at one of our regular venues. Part of the zany image came about from the group’s ‘van’, a Standard ‘Shooting Brake’ which we somehow all fitted in along with all the equipment.

The group played at pubs and clubs in and around Manchester through 1965. There were 2 pubs in particular where we got regular bookings. The Fusiliers on Cross Lane in Salford where the landlord, Dave Asley, would book us for a full weekend and the Globe in Ashton-u-lyne where a Sunday booking was a double pay day with lunchtime and evening sessions. The going rate was £6 per night in the pubs so we needed a lot of these to pay off the hire purchase.

The group disbanded by the end of the year. Tom left to get married and for a short period the Melodybeats had a different line up with John Downs on drums and Mike moving to lead vocals alongside Sherie Paul.

After the group disbanded Glyn moved on to play lead guitar for the Boston Sect then a short spell with the Moonspinners before retiring from the music scene.

Dave moved to the Netherlands where he played for a group called The Tickets.

Tom was last heard of in connection with ‘Les Bluesettes’ in the mid 70s and Mike re-surfaced in the 80s doing a guest spot ‘Elvis Interlude’ with The Images.

Dave Bright died of cancer in 1989.

Glyn Connah

It’s September 19th and 51 years after their last gig the 3 remaining members of The Melodybeats meet up for an afternoon of reminiscences.

In the photo from left to right (same as in the old pictures of the band ) Glyn, Tom and Mike. We like to think Dave was with us in spirit. Thanks to ‘Manchesterbeat’ for making this possible.

Glyn Connah

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