Memory Lane

(as pic, L to R)
Kevin Dermott  Vocals / Keyboards
Phil Gowers        Vocals / Guitar
Vinny Binninchi  Drums
Barry Schofield Vocals / Bass Guitar

In the late sixties the lads from the Oldham / Hollinwood area was at school and busy learning to play their instruments.

In 1975 the lads got together and formed the band Memory Lane. They played at local pubs and workingmen's clubs, with some success.

After a couple of years the band split up and the members went their separate ways.

Today, Kevin Dermott is still doing the rounds, playing keyboards and singing under the name of Kev Keys. Kevin also has his own website with some very interesting info on keyboards,

Phil Gowers is still going strong and likes to sing on Karaoke nights at his local.

Vinny Binninchi died in tragic circumstances in 1997.

Barry Schofield, now under the name of Skush is a singer /guitarist doing the pubs and clubs around the northwest.

Bert Ashton


Barry and Phil

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