Mervyn and the Shythings
Middleton 1964/65

My cousin Tony Seel was in a group called Mervyn and the Shythings based around the Middleton area.

They mostly did covers of the Rolling Stones hits cause the singer thought he was Mick Jagger. My cousin Tony was on bass guitar and I remember the lead guitarist was called Charlie.

I can't remember the other guitarists or drummer's names.

I was about fourteen at the time and my dad used to run them and their gear  in his Bedford van to any gigs they had but my mam put an end to that when he kept coming home late with the van covered in graffiti ,ie.the shythings are fab! I love Charlie etc.

I remember one gig when Charlie spent the whole gig kicking a meat pie around the stage that someone had thrown  at him.

I haven't seen my cousin at all since then but maybe someone will remember them and have more info on them.

Pete Seel

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Topic: Mervy and The Shythings
John Sanderson says...
Grew up with Mervyn (Shythings) on Hollin Estate Middleton.

His name is Mervyn Rigby. My Mates Pat Gafney,Roy Costigan,Danny Hardman and Mike Dodds and myself formed the Perfect Circle around the same time.
15th April 2014 7:58pm

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