The Meteors
info thanks to Pete Simensky and James Warhurst

The Meteors, from Hyde, gigged well but perhaps a bit too young for the record companies.

They did, however, appear on BBC TV with Clodagh Rogers , and supported The Stones , The Hollies , Manfred Mann , Them and loads more.

Top L to R
Pete Simensky - drums
Derick Fitton
Jim Warhurst

Bottom L to R

Ron Mitchell
John Howarth



Latest news
Courtesy John Howarth

Derek went on to join an Australian band that became "Derek's Accent". They did many gigs and appeared on TV regularly and cut a couple of singles. Derek no longer performs, other than on Karaoke and when he visits the UK.

Pete has a band called Treetown and John used to step in sometimes and now plays keyboards in the USA to where he recently (2008) emigrated. Pete ran a successful band (now Treetown) called the Nijinsky Bros who won a Radio One comp and appeared at the London Palladium in the late 70s.

John, who had always played piano/organ went on to play organ/kbds in W.Men's clubs, backing artists. He also used to do session work at Strawberry Studios and was headhunted to play with Alvin Stardust (1975).

Ronnie still continues to play bass in a band called Replay around the Manchester area. He organised a reunion get-together in 1988 to celebrate 25 years since the (5) Meteors were at their peak (1963) John and Pete, unknown to each other, were always writing songs and it wasn't until the 2nd reunion (40yrs) that they decided to write together.

The 2nd reunion gig was an amazing and emotional even in Gee Cross, Hyde. Sadly Ronnie couldn't make it but over 130 fans did. John played keys/bass and dug out all the old songs which were "rehearsed" at Jim's home during Christmas. Derek had come "home" for one of his regular visits, and after a lot of arguing over keys and chords, the reunion gig went ahead and was covered by the local press and videoed.

John and Pete have probably covered the most ground musically, playing in various kinds of bands and Ronnie has played what he loves most, Replay, being a retro band covering 60s hits.

Jim did continue to play in a few local bands but his career left him little time to play live.

John and Pete are both retired but have over 100 songs written and recorded between them. They posted them on a website called and, in 2005, went to Nashville to meet fellow writers. That's where John met his new wife and, 3 years later married her, and moved to Cleveland, Georgia.

There are no plans for another get-together but their 50 yr "anniversary" (2013) is always a possibilty..

The 50 Year Reunion!



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The original line-up (1961)
L to R: Jim Warhurst, Roy Corfield,
Ronnie Mitchell
Next step forward
Roy graciously concedes drumming to Pete Simensky, and singer Derek Fitton joins.
Equipment improving.
After a successful audition for the ‘Jimmy Young 625 Show’
at the BBC Shepherd’s Bush Theatre. London.
At Ashton Town Hall for a Press photograph after winning
the ‘Northern Area Beat Championship’.

The addition of a Bassman – John Howarth (left).

John left some months later and Ronnie converted to playing Bass.

In June 1964, Derek emigrated to Australia and the remaining three (Jim, Ronnie and Pete) merged with the singer (Bev Moss) and guitarist (Les Crompton) of a Glossop band ‘The Dark Four’ to become ‘The Hobo Flats’.

In January 1966 Jim left to join the ‘Manchester Playboys’ and in 1968 Pete also joined the Playboys.

Thanks also to Michael Hurst of MGH Business Services Ltd for his assistance with scanning and editing of images.

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