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I was with a band called Kathy and the Boleros and we once did an audition for Ian Hamilton at the Princess Theatre Club in Chorlton .

We did our set and were reasonably happy with our efforts.

Then this lineup of Mike Cadillac and the Playboys came on and did a stunning set. As I remember the guitarist had long straight hair (Phil May style) and it was dyed black rose (it looked black in some light and dark cherry in another).

The singer did impressions of Satchmo, Shirley Bassey, Billy Fury and I think Johnny Ray.

They were superb and I couldn't wait till they came off to tell them so. However the drummer said that they had put on a less than perfect performance and weren't completely pleased  with their efforts.

If that was the case I certainly didn't notice. I can even remember the equipment they used. The guitarist had a Vox AC30 and cherry Gibson 335 and I think  the bass player a Gibson EB3 bass.

We only got the odd booking from the audition. I hope they fared better as they certainly deserved it and made a great lasting impression on me.

Geoff Parkinson

Image courtesy Nick Balaam

May 30th 1963

May 30th 1963

I can only add that Mike Cadillac made a 45 record, Girl on Death Row, around this time. Can't find any sign of it anywhere. The band went down a storm at the Kingfisher especially with a specialist piece, Jack the Ripper. Similar to the Lord Such versions.

Alan Thom

Mike Cadillac and The Playboys were a regular Saturday booking at Delph Youth Club, who met for gigs upstairs at the old Reform Club in Delph. The boys whipped up a fair old storm there!

Gordon Ripley




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