Mike Curtis Set
info courtesy Alan Faulkner

Line-Up included
Mike Roberts (Curtis) Vocals
Barry Jones Bass
John Hutchinson Drums
Alan Faulkner Guitar
David Lee Bass
Toni Baker Keyboards
Graham Fielden Drums

Barry & John replaced Dave & Ron from the Estelles circa 1965 -1967


Mike Curtis Set pictured at The Beehive, Swinton

The new line up of The Mike Curtis Set packed up their jobs and turned pro as the saying used to go and immediately got packed off to Scotland for 3 weeks in the depth of winter staying at Mrs McBeans in Elgin.

While playing the dance music at the Southern & Northern Sporting Clubs, the band became more cabaret towards the end, and were topping the bill at the theatre clubs Princess, Domino, Mr Smiths, etc, plus the Yorkshire & North East circuits.

Mike later went solo making one record on Parlophone and I believe he is now living somewhere in Spain perfoming as a comedian.

The rest of the band joined up with Dougie James (a budding soul singer) & MartinTetlow on keyboards and became The Reception

The band got the name from the sign on the door at Alan Arnisons (very original) and went off to Germany playing  the US bases, but the group was short lived.

After the band split Dougie got the Soul Train going (got on the right tracks) & Martin & Alan teamed up with Mike Lynch, Dave Gleave & Paul Murray and the band MONEY was born.

2006 - Mike Curtis is still working in Benidorm at various bars - Zodiac and Sandras amomgst others. He sings now and then but he mostly does comedy

Mike Curtis is a comedian in Benidorm, Spain - heaven help him if they introduce the smoking ban over there because its a big part of his act which he does brilliantly.

Patricia Ashton.

I joined the Mike Curtis set in 1968 playing bass. During this time we played for a month in Malta, I also accompanied Mike to London whilst he recorded Turn her away on EMI with Geoff Love. My association with Mike lasted for several years and included us both joining the Ivy League for a short spell in 1974.

David Lee

l was the drummer with Mike Curtis & later the drummer with Dougie James (or should we call him by his real name Dougie Thomas). "The man with a golden gun in his trousers" as it was in those days.

l have not seen any of the guys since the sixties. So if you know any of their e-mail address`s or tel:numbers so that l could contact them.

lt`s been too long.  

John Hutchinson

Dave Buck ... Buckle.

I played drums with the curtis 1970..1972 band.

Nidge  Thomas (Factotums), Graham Orr ... great players.

I was part of ever changing Soul Train.

Fantastic times ... thanks.

Dave Buckle

Mike Curtis is now a comedian in Benidorm been performing there for years, Saw Mike singing in the Beehive in Salford in the 60s great group & singer.




Mike, Toni Baker and Dave Lee - Sunderland 1969

Graham, Toni, Mike and Dave (with hat) in Malta


Was in Benidorm with my brother, Pete, two weeks ago on Friday 26/10/12.

Wanted to go to Zodiacs Bar to see Mike Curtis do his stand up comedy routine and reminisce with him about The Mike Curtis Set during Manchester's amazing beat scene of the 60's.

Mike and The Set were very good indeed and were just another Manchester group who had the ability to make it "big" given that little bit of luck.

Was saddened to be informed that Mike had passed away a few days earlier.

Condolences to all his family.

Dave Anderton
(Drummer with The BeatLeague and The Principals)

Mike Curtis, Graham Fielden, Dave Lee and Toni Baker at the Whisper Club in Mosta, Malta.
Whilst there, the group recorded a live set for the BBC Radio Malta.

Ads below circa 1968



I had the plesure of knowing Mike Curtis in the 70`s when I sang with Tuxedo Junction. I now live near Benidorm and regularly spoke to Mike. Sadly Mike passed away in 2012 after suffering a stroke and having lung cancer. His act as a comedian was second to none and he will be missed on the Benidorm circuit. 

Burt Jons

Worked with Mike twice in the early 80,s,small clubs in Blackpool and St Anne's. I was Guitar Vocal support act,learning my trade.Years later went to Benidorm with my wife,reminisced,old times etc,then he went onstage and tore me apart; as only he could do. A lovely, great man.

My wife, now sadly gone, loved him, as a person and as a wonderful entertainer. I hope they are swapping stories about the good times past.

Love and respect,

Kevin Barry

You guys have said it all.  First time wife and I went to Benidorm we went in to Sandras Bar. i have been to Benidorm 15 times over the years  - every time I had to see Mike, he always made my holiday.

Its only over the last few days I read he passed away - shocked when ever I think of Benidorm I think of Mike Curtis.

Great man, God bless Mike.

Robert Izzard

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Topic: Mike Curtis Set
Kathy Lyons says...
I watched Corrie tonight and at the end there was an in memory of Mike Curtis....I used to go out with a Mike Curtis late 60's early 70's.....I worked in the Poco a Poco in Stockport and Mike sang there occasionally ...so I googled him . ... Read More
8th February 2015 3:29pm

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