The Missin Lynx
Old Trafford

Brian Whiteside vocals
Ken Smith bass
Rick Travicky organ
Steve Allcroft drums
Derek Robinson rhythm


Pete Skellern bass, replaced Ken



Your site took me back.

I was the Manager /roadie for them for most of their existence.

After the Lynx I went on to further group management with my then partner Pete Bircumshaw, [Peter Lee Enterprises] where we signed up as managers to many Manchester groups including Florida Beach where I met Willie Danson.

One of our claims to fame was getting the BEACH BOYS shirts made as shown in on their page.

Clive Richards
still alive and living in Lymm

I think that the name of the drummer "Steve Aldred" as recently added, might be wrong. I recall being with the Missin Lynx at several rehearsals in the old church hall near 7 ways in Stretford. If it is the same "Missin Lynx" I saw - the drummer was called Steve Allcroft - back then, a good fiend and co-worker of mine. Steve had a house back then amost on the sevenways roundabout - not far from the Melville Pub.

Could be that "my" Steve was in a same name, but differently spelt, Missin Lynx - but I think I am right.....

Best wishes from Luxembourg,

Mike Knight

I can confirm that Steve's name was Allcroft.  I was with the group for about 3 years playing 2 to 3 times a week mostly locally. 

Peter Skllern






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