The Moonrakers
info courtesy Danny Hardman

LineUp #1 1960

Dave Pearson Vocals
Eddie Effron Lead
Tony Kennedy Bass
Pete Walsh Drums

LineUp #2 1963

John Collins Rhythm
Brian Broadhurst Lead
Tony Kennedy Bass
Pete Walsh Drums

LineUp #3 1964

Brian Broadhurst Lead
John Watford Rhythm
Tony Kennedy Bass
Pete Walsh Drums

LineUp #4 1964-5

Brian Broadhurst Lead
Rick Broadhurst Rhythm
Joe Hardy Bass
Michael Adams Drums

Courtesy Michael Adams

This band did originate from Middleton where it took its name from the Moonraker Pub on Langley where Brian Broadhurst, who was the leader lived at that time.

His brother Rick who was the Rhythm guitar, bass player was Joe, but I cannot remember his second name.

I auditioned for them at the Lass O Gowrie on Charles Street, Manchester.

At that time they had a regular midweek gig at Bernard Manning's Embassy and Palladium clubs where we worked with lots of unknowns who became stars in future years.

We did all the clubs around Manchester, Browns dance clubs, Jungfrau, Three Coins, following the circuit they all did at that time, and all the Manchester theatre clubs.

I remember we had the old Bedford van, and a roadie named Roy,

After I left I did some work for other groups, session work, and was resident at a Manchester City centre club for some time. 

The Moonrakers in 1963 (above and right) - Brian Broadhurst (lead guitar), Pete Walsh (drums), John Collins (rhythm) and Tony Kennedy (bass guitar). Pictures taken at the Land of Cakes pub in Manchester (I think its still there)

(picture courtesy: Tony Kennedy)

The Moonrakers 1960
(picture courtesy: Tony Kennedy)

Moonrakers 1964
(picture courtesy: Tony Kennedy)
Moonrakers 1964-5
(picture courtesy: Michael Adams)

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