Mr Smith and Sum People

Mr Smith and Sum People was a Middleton band, formed from the basis of Shaun and Sum People.

Stewart Mills Drums
Jeff Hanlon Lead guitar
Roy Wilson Bass Player/ Vocals
Graham Smith Lead Vocals

30 Jan 1965

Jeff Hanlon  is now a major impressario with offices in London and New York.


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Jef Hanlon
If anybody who knows me is interested I have un-retired to work on an amazing show project. If you are curious goto, www,

For the full story
17th October 2015 5:12am
Linda Gorton
Hi Jef, We are so disappointed your show has been postponed. I was going to meet up with Loretta & Ray Weedall at the Arena. We have not see each other for more than 40 years. My move to Australia has also been postponed. If we are all still around next year we will rebook.
13th May 2016 10:18pm
Jef Hanlon
No luck yet with photos of Sean & Sum People. BUT i have not had time to clear my attic yet so still posible i might find some. I won't forget you if I do. I am very busy just now with a massive new project have a look at and you will understand.
17th October 2015 5:10am
Frank Renshaw
Hi Jef,
If you find your old Fender Strat up in the attic, let me know :)

Cheers, Frank.
10th November 2015 8:12pm
scott Jones
Hello Jef.
Thank you for the update on the pics request. Much appreciated. I took a look at the link you sent. Looks exciting. That'll keep you busy alright :-)
Good Luck with the project.
Thank you very much again.
11th November 2015 8:47am
scott Jones
Hello Jeff.
I wondered if you did manage to find any photos of the band. Not to worry if its a lot of trouble seeking any out.

Thanks again if you managed to take a
look but could not find any.
14th October 2015 6:05am
mickward p.t.
used to whatch these on st marks on waterloo street they were on all the time excellent band, learnt a lot.mike.
24th April 2015 5:04am
Mike Newton
Hi Roy Wilson and I were apprentice compositors (printers)with Fletchers Printers in Blackley Village. Remember them at the Oasis night Club, went on before the Beatles in the early 60's. Happy days.
14th April 2015 11:21pm
Graham Smith
Hi Mike wondered if might know the whereabouts of Roy Wilson ? Please
24th April 2015 4:55am
Sorry Graham
Not seen him since the 60's. Often wondered myself what happened to him. Anyone else help?
26th April 2015 1:58am
James Helps
I just wondered if Graham Smith is the same person I worked with at Erskine Heaps in Broughton in the sixties.
James Helps
24th December 2014 10:17pm
Graham Smith
Hi Paul . in reply to Graham Helps query . He must have an unbelievable memory . Yes I was an apprentice engineer working at Erskine Heap. My first job straight from Hope Hall School

Regards Graham Smith
11th January 2015 1:56pm
james helps
Are you still going around saying Milky Bars are on meSmile
28th September 2015 8:26am
Graham Smith
Hi James you must have a far better memory than me but it does sound like something I would say . Best widhes and Regards Graham
12th October 2015 6:59am
Michael Morris
I was the drummer from 1965 onwards. I did the 2nd trip to West Germany with replacement Bass player 'Ronnie Howard' who emigrated to Australia shortly after. I'm still in touch with Graham and also bumped into Jeff a few months ago at a Manchester beat convention that my son played at with The Emperors of Rhythm for Paul Wilde.
24th November 2014 4:20am
Frank Renshaw
Jeff Hanlon was our Roadie, Wayne Fontana & The Opposition. We used to call him Spider.Grin
8th October 2014 3:56am
Jef Hanlon
Hi Frank Rena
Spyder eh ! that's a new one to me
and not what you called me when you couldn't hear the P.A.
How are you and where are you?
Good to know you are still around.
Best regards. Jef
27th November 2014 12:02am
Frank Renshaw
Jeff, Send me an email address. You can find my contact details at:
28th November 2014 2:49am
scott jones

May i ask if there are any photos of Shaun and sum people. My dad Steve Jones was Shaun, who i believe was replaced with Mr Smith

My dad talked fondley of the group and it would be wonderful to see a picture of him in the band I his youth.
Sadly he has since passed away.
Thank you.
Scott Jones
16th September 2014 6:36am
Jef Hanlon

The answer re: photos of Shaun and Sum People is I am not sure - I am at my home in Spain presently until the end of September, but I promise I will have a look through my boxes when I get back to my house in UK and let you know either way. Likewise I was very fond of your Dad and only have good memories of our association, I was shocked and saddened to hear of your loss.
17th September 2014 12:10am
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