Line-up included
Norman Jay vocals
Alan Jackson keyboads and bass
Graham Hamilton lead
Brian Jackson rhythm
Keith Shepherd bass
Keith Newton drums


I was searching for any information on "Vintage" and the article by Alan Jackson came up.

I was the frontman with Vintage for a time in the late 70's when we had Jet Harris on board. I was Cliff, we were very busy at this time, under the guidence of Dick Clarke, we travelled the length and bredth of the UK and we had a good following. It was my songwriting that gave us an extra boost allowing us to get publicity through many a radio interview.

Unfortunately one night something was said at a big gig in Sunderland and caused by Jet. I got in the car and drove home. I have lots of regrets although my career continued as a solo act, doing a Cliff tribute show before we had heard of the term!!

I never saw or spoke to the guys again. I would like to make contact with Alan, Graham and Brian.

See my web site

I live in Catalonia now and have a radio show plus a band here and A SHADOWS BAND in Scotland "The Delsonics.

Many thanks

Norman Jay  

Keith Shepherd also played in Vintage on bass and has a bass that belonged to Jet Harris.


Hi it's a few years since I posted this..a lot has happened the Web site went down, so contact was not possible.

If any one has more info please add, lead guitarist was Graham Hamilton, Brian Jackson Rhythm, Alan Jackson played Bass and Keyboard and was the originated... Keith ......... the fab drummer was Keith Newton who sadly passed away, sometime In the 80's.
I am buser than ever now 63'  performing and radio, in Spain and here in Salford.

Get me via or email Cheers, keep on Rockin.

Norman Jay  

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Topic: Vintage
Norman Jay says...
I have written my Autobiographty..My Life My Music..Norman Jay on Amazon which includes a lot about Vintage.
20th April 2017 10:34am
Jeremy Green (Bracknell) says...
Hi Norman I have a Vintage EP which I have just started playing again, absolutely brilliant. Have looked for other vinyl out there but so far unsuccessful. The tracks on the EP are Pipeline, El/Dorado, Out of the Shadows and Midnite Flyer. Kind ... Read More
16th December 2017 1:39am
Norman Jay (Miravet Catalonia) says...
I am now 68 and well. I have recently worked again with The Delsonics from Glasgow and had contact with Graham Hamilton from Vintage. Brian Jackson is not very well ut we believe Alan Jackson is ok both from Vintage. I continue to produce radio ... Read More
30th October 2017 11:50pm

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