The Oddments

Dave Jones ( Deceased) vocals
Brian Horrocks. lead guitar
Carl Stevens. rhythm guitar
Arthur Monaghan. ( Deceased) bass
Rob Shorrock drums



The Oddments played lots of the clubs mentioned and one in particular that isn't. It was situated near the Dental Hospital just before Moss Side. I just can't remember the name of it, I think it might have been an Irish based club. They had groups and stag nights that type of thing.I hope someone can remember it.

I was the drummer in the group and myself and one of the guitarists were with Paul Young in his first group Johnny Dark and the Midnights in 1961. Nice lad the last time I ever saw him was in 1971 going home on the 101 bus from Manchester to Wythenshawe where we both lived.
Back on topic, the Oddments played all over the Wythenshawe area which was a big place. We played in Chester, Burnley, Liverpool's original Cavern club twice, Belle-Vue, and assorted venues in greater M/C. The Cavern gig was a competition held over two nights, the Fri and Sat between about twenty groups for Oxfam. The winner to receive a recording contract with PYE. We won the Fri night and came second on the Sat night.

When we won on the Fri night we went for a pint in a little pub just across the road from the Cavern, it was full of scousers out of some of the groups we just beat. We got a bit of abuse to say the least, we were lucky to get out alive. Bad loosers those guys.

I'm 66 now and was still drumming two years ago till the band folded. I played organ as well from 1969, and now also Tenor sax. Anyway hope I haven't bored you stiff, if there is anything I can add just let me know.

Rob Shorrock

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Topic: The Oddments
John Senior says...
The club I think that Robin means is the College Theatre Club off a street at the back of Denmark Road. We used to play there on stag nights. The groups used to have to plug into a special mains supply and if they played too loud they had the ... Read More
28th April 2014 9:39pm
Rob Shorrock. says...
It is with great sadness that the lead Guitarist with the Oddments, Brian Horrocks passed away suddenly
at home on the 9/7/14.RIP
Rob Shorrock.
20th July 2014 10:16pm
Jennifer Gonzalez says...
This message if for Rob Shorrock of the Oddments. Do you remember me (Jenny ), Dave was my boyfriend at the time and I played the maracas in the band at Heaven and Hell and at a club in Wythenshawe (Woodhouse Park), think it was called the CA club. ... Read More
28th June 2015 5:11am
Robin Shorrock. says...
Hi Jenny, sorry it took so long to answer, I've just seen it. Course I remember you, you were the best Maracas player we ever had.Hope your keeping well.Best wishes Robin.
13th November 2015 10:06pm

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