O'Hara's Playboys
info courtesy David Bowker

Line Up
John O'Hara Vocals
Dave Bowker Bass and vocals
Davy McHarg Drums
Tony Prosser 2nd Lead guitar
Bill Simpson Lead guitar
Although from Sheffield, O'Hara's Playboys were regular visitors on the Manchester club scene and featured Dave Bowker, a Manchester musician who played with many of Manchester's finest groups.
Tony (roadie) shows off those wonderful white boots  


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Topic: OHaras Playboys
Juke Jules says...
John O'Hara came from Glasgow but has spent most of his career in Sheffield.
See the comments at 45cat:
12th March 2014 11:24pm
Barry Ancill says...
We used to go to the Black Swan pub in Sheffield city centre in the late sixties.....O'Haras Playboys were on almost once a week.....they were good....very good......almost made the big time .....not sure but I think John is still around the ... Read More
12th July 2014 1:00pm

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