The Pages

Ted Johnson on the left, Ronnie Grundy centre, Alan Ormandy on drums and Steve Barnes on the right , photographed in "The Jollies" Oldfield Road (you can just make outTed's Watkins Dominator bottom right)

Line-up included  
Ted Johnston  lead guitar
Steve Barnes rhythm
Ronnie Grundy bass
Steve Revel drums

As "The Pages", (Me on lead guitar, Steve Barnes on rhythm, Ronnie Grundy on bass and my cousin Steve Revel on drums) we were booked at the Cubi Klub in Rochdale as support group for the Drifters.

I remember we had to do an extra set as they were late and we got reserved front row seats They were brilliant and had their own guitarist and when a guy from the local paper tried to photograph them, they all seamlessly went onto 2 mikes and huddled together so he could get them into shot.

He gave the thumbs up and pressed the flash and nothing happened, so he turned the camera round (screw in flashbulbs) and looked to tighten the bulb up . As soon as he did , the flash went off, blinding him and he fell off the edge of the stage

The Drifters all fell about laughing and later, I had a chat with Johnny Moore  (what a REALLY nice guy)

Ted Johnston 

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Topic: The Pages
Paul Webmaster says...
What a great pic - could spot Ronnie Grundy a mile off!
21st March 2015 10:35pm
Ted Johnston says...
I am really sad to report the death of Alan Ormandy , just found out today RIP Alan
13th April 2015 3:20am

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